The Vampire Diaries’ Alaric May Die

If you watched the last episode of CW’s The Vampire Diaries, then you know that the series left us with a cliffhanger before going on a break for a few weeks. We will get our answer tomorrow but the answer may have come early with the news that Matt Davis, who plays the always-in-peril Alaric, has signed on to join as star of a new CW pilot, Cult.

Deadline reports of Davis’ recent gig, Cult, created by teen-drama God, Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Scream), which will also star Jessica Lucas (Evil Dead, Cloverfield). Apparently, Davis will star in both shows if the series gets picked up but I have a strange feeling that my favorite Vampire Diaries character is going to kick the bucket. The guy has seriously died about fifty times since the series has started.

Cult will follow Skye (Lucas), a production assistant on a popular television series called Cult. After mysterious disappearances and murders, Skye joins Davis’ Jeff, a journalist blogger who’s brother is among the missing, as the two investigate the show’s rabid fan-base who may be recreating the show’s storylines.

Ah, this sounds exciting! Ever since Dawson’s Creek and Scream, I believe that everything Kevin Williamson touches turns to gold and I have high hopes for this series. It sounds interesting and has two people I love cast in the lead, and it’s not about lovestruck vampires–as far as I know. Hopefully, the series will get picked up because I am really looking forward to seeing it. I just hope Alaric doesn’t die, especially for Elena’s sake. Wah.