Netflix the Savior of Horror Programming?

Don’t you just hate when you get into a new show only to have it canceled a few short weeks later? That’s the thing that sucks about television; the networks never give great shows a chance to grow and they save awful shows like Two and a Half Men for old people without personalities to enjoy. Well, Netflix may be the savior to modern television with it’s upcoming original programming and it’s plans to buy recently canceled programming.

Deadline reports that the movie streaming company is not only interested in picking up the newly canceled Fox series, Terra Nova, they are also very interested in buying the rights to the ABC Oren Pelli-produced paranormal series, The River, which is said to be very close to being axed from the network.

Aside from purchasing series that failed on major networks, Netflix has recently teamed up with horror director, Eli Roth, for a 13-episode Gothic horror series, Hemlock Grove to premiere in the summer of 2013. The horror series, based on the novel by Brian McGreevy, follows a small Pennsylvania steel town ravaged with murder, mystery and monsters. The new series just cast Famke Janssen and Bill Skarsgard to star.

So, while everything is being canceled on television, horror fans may have something to rejoice about with Netflix resurrecting shows that once had no hope to see another season. I’m personally excited about the Eli Roth series because it’s been a while since fans have been able to see him actually directing something and the series sounds interesting. The River was a pretty decent show but I never could remember when it was on and I figured it wouldn’t last anyway.

I can’t wait to see what else Netflix is going to bring to the table. Are you excited about the news?