Judge, Jury, Executioner: Walking Dead Recap

Listen up kiddies: Don’t play with zombies. Why you ask? Because they will kill you. Do you hear that Carl? Thanks to the little boy’s actions in last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, the last remainder of the groups humanity was killed by the zombie that Carl had previously taunted. See? Kids are good for nothing.

The episode, Judge, Jury, Executioner, which was directed by TWD SFX artist Greg Nicotero (LOVE HIM), follows the group as they teeter back and forth over whether or not they should kill outsider Randall. Most of the group, besides Dale, believes that it is best to get rid of the young man, because they believe he will only bring them hardship. However, Dale, the voice of reason, fights against it, claiming that it isn’t right and insists that they must fight against the standards of the new world.

During the flip flopping match over Randall’s life, Carl makes some questionable decisions and showcases just how much the apocalyptic world is affecting him mentally. First, Rick’s little boy makes his way into the barn where Randall is being kept and creepily watches him, almost in a taunting way. Randall of course tries to manipulate the baby faced boy into letting him go before Shane busts in and scolds Carl, telling him to stop always trying to get himself killed. Seriously. Why the hell is Carl allowed to walk around freely when it always results in him putting himself in danger? Parental supervision is necessary in a zombie apocalypse, don’t you think?

Following the incident, Carl mouths off to Carol and tells her that she’s basically stupid for believing that Sofia is in heaven. Why the hell is everyone always so mean to Carol? Can’t the poor woman just catch a break? Carol doesn’t back hand the little boy, as she should have, instead she goes to Rick and Lori and insists that they control their son. Lori tries telling her that it’s okay and blah,blah,blah and then Carol finally gets some balls and says something about the way people are always treating her like crap. You go girl.

Rick goes to Carl and tells him that he better stop being such a little wise ass bastard, just not in those words. Feeling somewhat humiliated, Carl makes his way into the woods where he finds a zombie stuck in a marsh. And what does Carl do? He messes with the zombie, like a psychotic serial killer messes with helpless animals. The boy is definitely on his way to becoming the biggest sociopath of the zombie apocalypse.

Anyway, Carl–who stole Darryl’s gun–taunts the zombie and the zombie eventually gets free and almost kills him. Instead of shooting the freed zombie, like he was pretending he was man enough to do, the little bitch runs off and doesn’t tell a soul about what happened. Hmmm….real smart. Children are stupid.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…the fight over what to do with Randall continues. Dale begs the group to reconsider, insisting that it’s a person’s life and that if they kill him, they are no better than the people they are trying to protect themselves against. His speech effects Andrea and no one else and Rick, Shane, and Darryl head to the barn to take care of bidness.

Just when Rick is about to shoot Randall in the head, Carl walks in and ruins things again, causing Rick to second guess himself and chicken out. Rick tells the group he couldn’t do it and a happy Andrea decides to go find Dale and let him know the good news. Only, she forgot about actually finding him about two seconds later.

During this, Dale is super pissed over the situation and he walks out in the field, rifle in hand, and spots a mutilated cow. Uh-oh–DALE, RUN! Mutilated cow means zombie in proximity. But, Dale was too late. The zombie that Carl had messed with earlier sneaks up on the RV’s mechanic and rips open his stomach. His screams alert the rest of the group but it’s too late.

In a painful and pretty sad scene, Darryl puts a begging Dale out of his misery while Carl realizes that if he had killed the zombie, his friend would still be alive. Dale’s death represents the loss of the good that was left, the morality of the old world, and the humanity that separated the group from the dead. Without Dale, who else will argue so much about staying pure? No one. The group is headed down a dark path where the choices they will make will be based on selfish reasoning.

RIP Dale. You were slightly annoying at times but you did make sense. Now no one is safe. I hope that you’re in the heaven that Carl said doesn’t exist. Screw you Carl.


  1. Kate

    How awful was the scene with the mud stuck walker?! The show hasn't made me squirm like that for a few weeks now.
    Poor Dale.
    Top episode.

  2. Justine Nicole

    You're right, Carl is the best form of birth control!!! He pissed me off so much in that ep. Great review!

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