Holliston Review

Do you ever find yourself stuck watching The Big Bang theory, wishing that it was actually funny? Well, guess what! Adam Green and Joe Lynch have teamed up with FEARnet for their new horror-comedy sitcom, Holliston, premiering April 3 at 10:30pm, and it’s the horror version of Big Bang–only it’s HILARIOUS. The show is a perfect blend of geeky-horror pop culture references mixed with elements found in traditional sitcoms, making the perfect recipe for every horror fan.

Green and Lynch, along with Holliston costars, Corri English and Laura Ortiz, are currently in Massachusetts screening the show for local fans before its series premiere airs on FEARnet. The group made their rounds at Emerson college in Boston, where I was lucky enough to view the pilot and the third episode, which Green stated was one of his favorites. Today, the screening continues in Holliston, Green’s hometown and the setting for the new series.

I’ll admit, when I initially saw the first trailer for the show, I was worried. I thought the previews made the series look super cheesy and the laugh track only made it appear worse. However, I was happily proved wrong because the show had both me and my mother (yes my mother) laughing hysterically–and my mom hates this shit!

The show follows Adam and Joe, two broke buddies who are trying to make it big as horror filmmakers while simultaneously trying to survive their mundane lives, living paycheck to paycheck. The pair work at a local cable station, hosting a show and producing awful ads for local agencies. When Adam isn’t working, he’s pining away for his childhood sweetheart, Corri, who returns to town and makes the hopeless slug fall for her all over again.

Last night’s screening premiered the pilot episode, which follows Adam as he lets his imaginary friend, Gwar’s Oderus Urungus, convince him into hiring a hooker to act as his girlfriend on a double date with Corri and her douchebag doctor boy toy. In typical sitcom fashion, Adam’s plan goes awry and laughter ensues.

The entire episode was funny but the laughs really came during the date when Adam is forced to make sure his drugged-out prostitute doesn’t foil his plan. I fell in love with the woman who played his date because she was dirty, rough looking, and she had that sexy throaty Boston accent that makes ladies completely irresistible. She was a typical Boston broad and getting to see her and Adam interact was insanely hilarious because as hard as it may be to believe, most chicks from Boston do indeed look and act like drugged-out prostitutes; it was funny to see what I normally see on a daily basis play out on the screen.

Following the pilot episode, the audience was given the treat of viewing the third episode in the series, Skunked, which follows Adam and Joe after they have been sprayed by a skunk. Corri and Laura come to the rescue, or at least try to, when they venture to the store for some vinegar.

This episode had possibly one of the funniest scenes that I have seen in a really long time, involving Corri and Laura and their discussion on how to properly say “Market Basket.” Laura Ortiz, who is seriously adorable and my favorite on the show, doesn’t say it right, no matter how much she is corrected. I’m not sure if people outside of Massachusetts will find it as funny because they’ve never heard of the supermarket chain but Ortiz’s delivery and Corri’s real reaction make it priceless to watch.

Holliston definitely doesn’t take itself seriously and they are self-aware of the genre, which they showcase through their self-deprecating humor and moments of breaking from their scenes. With its perfect mixture of gross-out humor as well as some heartfelt moments, the show definitely succeeds and it would even work as a standalone comedy series, rather than comedy-horror.

If you were turned off by the trailer, which I know some people were, I urge you to get past that because the show is so much better! I was hesitant to the laugh track at first but once you start watching the show and get involved with the lighthearted storyline, you totally forget that it’s even there.

Adam and Joe are surprisingly really great actors and they are naturally funny to boot. The ladies have their time to shine as well and each one has their own quirkiness to quickly make you fall for them and or make you want to be their new besties. Joe and Laura definitely stand out among the cast; Joe is very physical with his comedy while Laura is unique and creepy-cute. Because the cast are all close friends in real life, their chemistry clearly shines on the screen, making you wish that you could be a part of their little gang.

Overall, Holliston is definitely a show to watch and it will not disappoint the nerdy horror fans around the world. If the first two episodes I’ve seen are any indication of what is to come in future episodes, the show is only going to get funnier and I cannot wait to see what the group do next.

So, set your DVR’s, call and get FEARnet–do whatever–and tune in on Tuesday, April 3 at 10:30pm to watch a sitcom that has finally been made for us horror fans!


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