Eric Englund to Direct “Contracted”

Listen up ladies: If you hand out your milk for free, not only will you never get a husband, but you may just get an STD…or maybe something worse. The new horror thriller, Contracted, which follows a girl’s horrible consequences after a one night stand, has just landed Eric England to direct.

Bloody-Disgusting reports that England will direct the film which will follow a young girl who’s one night stand with a stranger results in something totally unimaginable and probably nasty as hell. I say, if the girl wants to sleep around, she deserves what’s coming to her! Filming for the sexual-thriller begins May 13 in Los Angeles.

England told BD,” This is a step in a different and exciting direction for me…Contracted is a much different subject matter than what I’m used to taking on. It’s intimate and personal and has a lot to say about sexuality and promiscuity. If all goes right, I hope this film will do for hooking up with random strangers, what Jaws did for going to the beach.”

England’s previous work includes the horror-slasher, Madison County, which will be available on DVD on May 8.
I’m guessing that this is going to be a movie that I won’t want to watch with my folks. It definitely sounds interesting and hopefully it will teach all of you trashy ladies out there to stay classy (wink face) .


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