Dark Shadows Trailer

Johnny Depp is the only man who can make wearing make-up look mighty fine. Even as a centuries old vampire, which I’m convinced he actually is (does he ever age?), he still looks damn good. Depp has teamed up with his hetero life mate, Tim Burton, once again for the re-imagining of the Gothic Soap Opera, Dark Shadows. The campy film, which hits theaters May 11, just released it first trailer and fans can agree that it’s very Burton-esque.

Depp stars as Barnabas Collins, a wealthy and powerful man who is turned into a vampire and burned alive by a scorned witch. Decades pass and Barnabas wakes up in the year 1972, only to return to find his Collinwood Estate in ruin. In effort to regain his life back, Barnabas does his best to adapt to his new environment and estranged family.

The film also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter (AGAIN?), Jackie Earle Haley, Johnny Lee Miller, Eva Green, Chloe Moretz, and Gulliver McGrath.

I’ve never seen the original series but I do know that the spooky soap housed many different supernatural creatures that have become so popular as of late. Some fans may be unhappy with the comedic tone the film is taking but it’s only the trailer; there’s plenty more to be revealed in the actual film, which may be a little darker than it appears–so don’t get your panties in a twist!

Are you excited for Tim Burton’s adaptation of Dark Shadows?