Chloe Moretz Prepares to Go Postal At Prom

It looks like Chloe Moretz used her Hit-Girl skills to pummel her competition for the lead role in the Kimberly Pierce adaptation of Carrie. The talented young actress was just offered the role of Carrie White, beating out contender Haley Bennett.

Deadline reports that MGM, Screen Gems and the director have officially offered the starring role in the upcoming horror remake to Moretz. While rumors that Dakota Fanning would be offered the role circulated Hollywood, Pierce was apparently eying Moretz all along.

Due to the 15 year-old’s busy schedule, she wasn’t able to meet with the director until last weekend. The production company previously met with several actresses, including Haley Bennett and Lily Collins, but once they met Moretz she was offered the job immediately.

According to the report, once negotiations are finalized, Pierce and company will focus on finding the actress to play Carrie’s mother along with the supporting cast of high school students. Production is estimated to begin later this year.

I honestly cannot see Moretz as Carrie White but she’s an amazing actress who will most likely change my mind the moment I see her performance. I was really leaning toward Haley Bennett for the role because I think that she looks more like the typical shy girl as opposed to Moretz and her tough exterior. However, Moretz’s performance as Abby in Let Me In showed audiences that she could be both tough and reserved and I’m sure that she will not disappoint in such a classic role.

Normally, I hate remakes and am completely against them but with Pierce directing and Moretz as the star, it already looks promising. At least we know that it will look pretty!

Do you think Chloe Moretz will make a perfect Carrie?