Better Angels: The Walking Dead Recap

Whoever said that money is the root of all evil clearly never met Lori Grimes. In the last nights episode of The Walking Dead, Mrs. Grimes proves that women are not only useless in a zombie apocalypse, they will also mind fuck the shit out of you, causing you to lose yourself entirely. No, money isn’t the root of all evil–women are.

The second to last episode of the season titled, Better Angels, follows the group as they recover from Dale’s unexpected demise. The group bury the RV’s mechanic, along with the rest of Hershel’s buried friends and family, and then patrol the area, resulting in some awesome zombie-kill teamwork. Nothing says bonding like being able to stomp the hell out of a zombie together. Ah, unity.

Following the ceremony and mini-zombie massacre, Hershel finally makes the appropriate decision to move Rick and his group inside of his house and even offers the sheriff and his wife his bed. Rick starts barking out orders for things that the group must do in order to secure the premises and this immediately causes tension between him and Shane, who doesn’t seem to like following orders.

While Shane is off doing his manly duties, Carl comes by to admit to stealing Daryl’s gun and about his little rendezvous with the swamp zombie that eventually led to Dale’s death. Shane comforts the little brat and insists that he had nothing to do with Dale’s death but we all know that that isn’t true now don’t we?

Anyway, Shane informs Rick of Carl’s confession and this results in a nice father-son bonding moment between Rick and his son. Rick tells Carl that everyone is eventually going to die some day (how sweet) and that there isn’t much you can do to prepare for it. Then, Mr. Grimes forces Carl to take his gun so that he can protect himself at all times. Can you say adorable?

While all of this is occurring, Lori realizes that there isn’t enough drama going on between the two lovestruck men in her life and decides to stir the pot that is Shane’s insane mind. She casually walks up to Shane, who was looking mighty fine sweating in the sun, and tells him that she’s sorry for the way things have turned out, and she thanks him for everything he has done for her and Carl. The moment would have been fine if she had left it at that but no, she has to add a little spice to the convo by telling Shane that she isn’t sure who’s baby she’s carrying. Um, SERIOUSLY?

This clearly sets off a bomb in Shane’s head because he truly believes the child is his, and it most likely is his. The conversation with Lori was such a tease and she totally made him feel like he still had a chance, even if it was unintentional. Shane’s Lori-obsessed mind is obviously going to take everything she says to heart and interpret anything she says into something more than it is–which is exactly what he does.

Right away, the audience can see the wheels churning within Shane’s mind and we figure that it’s only a matter of time before he does something, we just don’t know what.

After Shane is given hope from Lori, he goes to the barn and an idea comes into his head. He takes Randall into the woods and tells him that he’s going to let him go, which right away is a red flag because Shane wanted him dead more than anyone else.

As Randall is walking ahead of him, Shane snaps his neck and then smashes his own face into a tree to make it look like Randall attacked him. Uh, he had a total creepy Mark Wahlberg moment from Fear. This scene was terrifying because it showed just how far Shane was willing to go to get what he wanted and at this point, the audience can pretty much figure out what his plan is.

A Bloodied Shane runs back to the camp and tells them what happened–Randall clocked him in the nose, took his gun, and escaped. Rick, Glen and Daryl join Shane in the search for their “missing” prisoner. Daryl immediately questions Shane but they continue into the woods anyway. The audience knows what’s going to happen once Shane suggests the group split up, taking Rick as his partner.

So much happens following this scene, answering certain questions about the zombie infection itself. As Daryl and Glen investigate they notice the blood on the tree and they figure that something happened–something more than what Shane was letting on. Suddenly, the pair are confronted by a zombified Randall and after killing him, they realize that he has no bites on his body. No bites, you say? Then how is he a zombie? Hmmm…

Meanwhile, Rick is realizing that his best friend has led him far away from their campsite in order to kill him. That’s what friends are for, right? So, Shane has his meltdown where he tells Rick that he’s not a good father or husband and that he is much better than him in every way. Shane points his gun at Rick, ready to get rid of him so that he can start his life with Lori and Carl, but Rick doesn’t seem to want to fight back.

Rick slowly gets closer, trying to talk his buddy out of the situation, even insisting that they could pretend like it never happened and then–BLAM! Rick shivs Shane in the chest like they’re on the courtyard in prison.  As a distraught Rick looks down at a dying Shane, I wanted to cry. The scene is so heartbreaking because the former sheriff clearly never wanted things to come to that point and they never should have. What makes the situation even sadder is knowing that the pair used to be best friends and one had to lose his life…over a woman.

Just when the audience thinks that the episode is over, Rick spins around to find an upset Carl, holding a gun at his daddy. Now, I’m not sure if the kid was aiming his gun at Rick with intent to kill, or if he had already noticed Shane rise from the ground and was aiming for him to begin with. Anyway, zombie Shane gets his brains shot out by Carl, the rightful individual to do the job. But uh-oh, all the loud noise has alerted a nearby zombie herd and now they’re about to overrun the farm!

Fans of the books were given confirmation of their theory that everyone is already infected when Randall and Shane returned as zombies, both of whom had never been bitten. We finally got to see the standoff that we had been waiting for ever since the first season and the show’s writers followed through with the death of a vital character.

I had a love-hate relationship with Shane and I’m actually sad to see that he is gone but I know that it is for the best. I’m more upset that we will no longer be seeing Jon Bernthal on the show because his performance as the crazy and obsessed best friend was outstanding. I think that Bernthal perfectly embodied Shane in every way and we were able to see how he changed, slowly delving deeper into insanity.

The writers seem to be making Lori worse and worse, making her do questionable and stupid things. When Lori went out to talk to Shane I think she was being sincere and they were trying to show her in a good light but then they had her say that she wasn’t sure who’s baby she was carrying and all bets were off. It’s like they want the audience to hate Lori and they are absolutely succeeding.

All I know is this: I cannot wait for next weeks finale which is sure to be one hell of a zombie blood bath. With the unsuspected death of at least 2 main characters this season, I feel like no one is safe and just about anyone else can die now. Hopefully, Hershel lives because I fucking love that old bastard.


  1. LadyJ3000

    Man you were right in your prediction of Shane becoming a zombie. I honestly hate the character of Laurie. She is just so self-righteous and smug that I wish someone like Andrea or Carol would just haul off and smack her.

  2. Amanda

    I only knew because he becomes one in the comics. I just feel like last night there was something in Lori's eyes, it was almost like she wanted Shane and she wanted to string him a long. It was just super messed up of her to make a comment about the baby possibly being his when she had said to Rick weeks before that Shane is possessive and thinks she and Carl and the baby are his. C'mon Lori!

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