Beside the Dying Fire: The Walking Dead Finale Recap

I am literally still screaming from last night’s season two finale of The Walking Dead. So much was revealed and a fan favorite made an appearance just before the episode ended. The episode was filled with action and drama from start to finish and as Rick stated, “This isn’t a democracy anymore.” Not only has the group turned against him, he doesn’t seem to give a damn what they think anymore. With the final shot of the season, audiences realize that the survivors are heading to a very dark place mentally and physically, and they will soon realize that listening to Rick may not be so bad after all, considering who they are going to face next season.

The episode titled, Beside the Dying Fire, opens with the zombies in Atlanta feeding on Rick’s horse from season one. A helicopter flies overhead and the zombies decide to follow it, eventually making their way to the woods by Hershel’s farm. The herd overhear Carl’s gunshot (really, they only heard the one gunshot?) and descend on the farm. My question is, how the hell did Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn walk right past this ginormous group of walkers in the first place?

Anyway, Rick and Carl get swept up among the oncoming zombies and are only able to make it to the barn while the rest of the survivor’s contemplate how to deal with the situation. The Grimes boys lure the zombies into the barn and set it on fire, taking out a small portion of the walking dead. Meanwhile, the other survivors start driving around the farm, shooting at as many of the walkers as they can, only to realize that they are barely causing any damage.

Suddenly, the farm is completely overrun and the group of survivors are forced to make life altering decisions that result in many of them splitting up and breaking away from the group. Two lives are lost in the midst of the chaos, although they didn’t really matter much to me. Jimmy and Patricia were just collateral damage and luckily the other survivors didn’t get a scratch on them. THANK GOD. For a moment I thought that Hershel would stay with his farm and die and if that happened I would have lost my damn mind!

After the group splits from the farm, they all meet back up along the highway where they originally were in the beginning of the season–minus Andrea who was left behind. As the group gathers themselves they learn that Shane is dead and they believe that Andrea is dead as well and decide not to go back for her. Up a little further down the road the group stop to recoup and Rick makes a shocking admission, although to fans of the comics and to the fans that have been paying close attention from day one, it wasn’t much of a shock at all!

Rick tells the group that they are all already infected with the zombie virus, explaining how Shane and Randall turned without being bitten. He explains that Jenner told him before they left the CDC and he wasn’t sure until he saw Shane reanimate. Right away the group jumps down his throat for not telling them and wah, wah, wah. Why should he tell you if he wasn’t sure?! It would only make you more upset and what good would telling you do anyway, huh?! It would probably just make you whiny bastards give up all together. So, I’m with Rick for withholding the information until he was positive that Jenner wasn’t just talking crazy. Fuck you Glenn and Carol!

After the less than warm response from the group, Rick walks away pretty upset. Lori walks over to him to comfort her hubby and he confesses that he killed Shane. He tells his wife everything–how Shane lured him into the woods and how he let him bring him out further. He slowly lets on that he wanted Shane dead so he wouldn’t have to deal with the bullshit anymore. During his revelation, Lori’s face just gets worse and worse and she becomes increasingly upset at her husband’s admission. Then, he tells her that Carl shot Shane when he came back as a walker and she flips her shit.

I’m not exactly sure why Lori was reacting the way that she did because it seemed like she was becoming upset with Rick’s every word. However, it seemed that her realization that Carl had been the one to shoot Shane was what made her so angry with her husband. Either that or she was really pissed that Rick just killed her boy toy.

Uh, but Lori, this is all your fault! If Lori never planted the seed in Rick’s mind in the first place he never would have felt the need to take care of Shane and if she didn’t give Shane hope, he never would have tried to kill Rick. The whole situation was her doing and if she didn’t want her husband to “do something,” then she never should have said anything in the first place! Women.

When the group are sitting around the fire, reflecting on the days events and wondering where they would go from there, Rick steps up and basically tells everyone that things are changing; he tells them that he’s in charge and that if they don’t like it, they can leave. Oh, the horror. The look on Lori’s face mixed with Carl’s whining just pissed me off! Rick is right in every way; he had to do everything he did to protect the group and if he didn’t, they’d all be dead. Especially if Shane was the one in charge. By the end of the scene, it’s clear that Rick is changing and he’s becoming more ruthless because he’s realized that it’s the way he needs to be in order to survive.

Meanwhile, Andrea is screwed. She’s alone, running out of ammo, and lost in the woods while being chased by walkers. Then, a hooded stranger saves her by slicing an attacking walker’s head off with a sword.


The bad ass bitch from the comics made her first appearance into the series with her two zombie pets in toe. I’ll admit that it did look a little ridiculous with Michonne holding the two jaw-less/armless zombies on a leash behind her, but it was also fucking AWESOME. The audience is unsure whether or not she will take Andrea as her friend or maybe she’ll make her another one of her pets.

The episode ends with the camera panning out over the prison in the distance and I immediately got goosebumps. OH. EM. GEE. Will there be zombie prison rape? Will people get their limbs hacked off? WILL MORE OF THE GROUP DIE?! We won’t know until next October, which sucks because I cannot wait that long! All I know is that I’m super excited.

I think that the creators of the series ended it amazingly well. The episode was awesome the whole way through and it gave the fans what they wanted–answers. And Michonne. But, the fans will never be satisfied. They bitch no matter what. Well, you know what you bastards? If you don’t like what the show is doing and where it’s going, then don’t fucking watch it. It’s pretty simple.

And now I begin my zombie withdrawals.


  1. Amanda

    I'm obsessed with zombies so I was in love with the show before it even aired haha. The first season is really easy to get in to…u should def go back and try again!

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