The Walking Dead Finds A Governor

Even though season 2 of AMC’s The Walking Dead got off to a slow start, the second half of the season seems to be taking off and is headed in the right direction. Now, things look like they are only going to get better with the next season and the hit zombie-drama has just cast British actor, David Morrissey, to star as fan-favorite, The Governor.

Deadline reports that Morrissey will play The Governor of a small survivor establishment called Woodbury, where he will serve as an antagonist to the lovely Mr. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in season 3 of the hit series. I’m hoping that this mention of the governor only means that the next season will take place at the prison!


Do you think that Morrissey is the right fit to play the sadistic power-hungry bastard who causes so much trouble in the books? Probably. I’m more excited to see what AMC is going to allow to be shown next season because The Governor did some pretty R-rated things to Kirkman’s characters.

Um, can this season just hurry up, kill Shane, and make their way to the prison already?! Thanks.


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