Munsters Reboot Gets a Name Change

Classic movies are not the only ones susceptible to the awful and growing remake trend that will most likely never die (because most of Hollywood is money hungry and uncreative). That’s right; classic television programs, such as the 1964 campy horror classic, The Munsters, are not immune to being remade. Now, news breaks that the reboot of the family sitcom will be called “Mockingbird Lane.” Uh, okay. Why “remake” something if you’re just going to change the title and probably the entire story as well?

TVLine reports that NBC is on a mission to completely re-imagine the series, which they insist will be entirely different than the original. To prove to audiences that the program is a lot different, they decided to change the title, which represents the street in which the Munster family moves to in the show.

The series is being created by Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) and Bryan Singer (X-Men). The project is still in the early stages of development; producers are currently searching for lovely actors and actresses who are amazing enough to portray the iconic Munster family. This better be damn good.


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