Katherine Heigl Becomes “Face Blind”

Thank God Katherine Heigl has decided to stop doing horrible romantic comedies, for a little bit anyway. The buxom blonde has just signed on to star in the new psychological thriller, Face Blind, as a psychologist who suffers an affliction that disables her from distinguishing faces. What? Is that even real?

According to Deadline, Heigl will not only star in the film, she will help to produce along with Maven Pictures’ partners, Trudie Styler and Celine Rattray (sounds like something Scooby would say. Rut-row!).

The movie centers around Heigl as she is stalked by a psycho who once terrorized one of her patients. Due to her affliction, she cannot recognize him and her husband just thinks that she is going crazy. Uh, sounds just about as awful as every other one of Heigl’s movies (Just kidding Katie. I still love ya, girl!).

The film, which is being described as similar to “The Others”, is being scripted by Dominic Harari and Teresa De Pelegri. There are no further details at this time but from the early information, I’m pretty sure that most of you won’t being seeing this one.


  1. Amanda

    I haven't seen that one yet but I heard it was awful and I don't know why they are making this one. So, they are essentially the same film but with different actresses? Wack.

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