Jacob Hopkins Cast in True Blood

For some reason movies and television shows like to cast young children for roles which place them in an area of high power and rank. HBO’s blood-sucking drama, True Blood, is no different; the show has just cast the very young and adorable, Jacob Hopkins, to star as the final member of the Vampire Authority.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the baby-faced actor will play Alexander Drew, a vampire who was turned at the age of 9. Drew is basically described as an evil bastard who likes to torture and mess with anyone he comes into contact with.

Hopkins joins Christopher Meloni (Law and Order: SVU), Peter Mensah (Sparticus), and Carolyn Henessy (Cougar Town) as a part of the highest vampire governing body.

The 5th season of True Blood is currently in production and will air this Summer on HBO. Hopefully, it won’t suck as bad as the last season did.


  1. Chris

    Season 4 wasn't that bad. The kid will probably not last long on the show because he will prObably go through some growth spurt and vampires are not supposed to age

  2. Amanda

    It was OK. I liked the Witch stuff and Eric losing his memory but there was so much going on. I feel like it's not as good as it used to be and it's becoming ridiculous. And you're probably right about the kid

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