College Campus Thriller Wants Hermione

As if having no family to go home to for your Thanksgiving break wasn’t bad enough, imagine if a group of punks show up on campus and start terrorizing you. That’s the scenario in the thriller, Kristy, and recent reports mention the desire to have Emma Watson to star as the lead.

Bloody-Disgusting reports that the Weinstein company is trying to move forward with the long developed thriller which is being described as “The Strangers” on a college campus. The online mag heard news that Gary Fleder (Kiss the Girls) is set to direct the Tony Jaswinksi penned slasher flick, which will most likely begin filming this April.

The Weinstein company desperately wants to cast the Harry Potter alum for the lead role of Justine; the victim who falls prey to the assailants and fights back to survive. Although the company has expressed their desire for Watson, no official talks have been made between the two.

The movie sounds interesting and I did enjoy “The Strangers.” My only question is this: why the hell is it called Kristy if the protagonist is named Justine? I guess I’ll have to wait to find out.