American Horror Story Season 2 Update

For those of you who are still super excited for what the sophomore season of American Horror Story has to offer, here is some exciting news for you! Creater Ryan Murphy confirms that Jessica Lange will return and the season will take place at an East Coast “horror institution”. Hell yeah. I’m hoping the cast will include some crazy Bostonians!

Last night on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen, Murphy was asked about who would be returning for the second season and where it would be taking place. The show’s mastermind explained that he is in negotiations with four cast members and none of them are the Harmons. Tear. No more Dylan McDermott or Connie Britton to fawn over.

However, Murphy did spill some brief and exciting deets on the season’s location: the East Coast! I was actually predicting something on the East Coast since Ben and the rest of the Harmon’s came from Boston and that was the only place I could recall being mentioned in the infamous “birth” episode, which was said to have clues about the next location.

Murphy said the next chapter in the show will occur at a “horror institution” and I’m hoping that means insane asylum because how awesome and potentially terrifying could that setting be? I’m pumped. I’m hoping to hear some awful Boston accents when the show returns later this year. Speaking of Boston accents; how come the Harmon’s didn’t have even the slightest touch of one? Weird. Oh well.


  1. Chris

    Its awesome that its on the East coast, well none of the characters that came from Boston had accents, including Hayden.

    If its a insane asylum, imagine Jessica Lange as a head nurse, aka Nurse Ratched (one flew over cuckoo's nest), just be awesome

  2. Anonymous

    I hope this season doesnt suck. i really liked the characters from season 1. dylan mcd did a good job too. I hope jessica lange doesnt play a different role. IDK it doesnt sound like it will be good. I dont want to invest in characters every season knowing they wont be around for the next. the first season was awesome tho…………..Eddie

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