The Last Exorcism Sequel Gets a Director

After the success of the 2010 docu-style psychological horror, The Last Exorcism, it was pretty much a given that a sequel would be made. The film already had writer Damien Chazelle and star, Ashley Bell, attached and now the horror has found it’s director: Ed Glass-Donnelly. The “found footage” horror is set to begin filming next month.

The first film, which was made with $1.6 million, ranked in a whopping $62.5 million worldwide. The Eli Roth produced film was rated PG-13 and this time around, producers are pushing to amp up the horror with an ‘R’ rating.

Deadline reports that the film will start shooting in New Orleans early next month and like the first film, Roth will be producing via Arcade Pictures with Eric Newman, Marc Abraham, and Tom Bliss from Strike Entertainment.

The first installment revolved around a documentary crew as they followed Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) on his last exorcism. Marcus intended to show the world that exorcisms were indeed fake and he takes the crew a long with him to perform an exorcism on a young girl named Nell (Bell). What follows the exorcism has Marcus and the crew questioning their sanity and faith as things spiral out of their control.

I personally loved The Last Exorcism, despite a lot of hate that the film got for it’s ending. Similar to The Devil Inside, this film ends abruptly as well, making the audience question what was actually happening. However, I didn’t find the ending to be too abrupt and I enjoyed the mystery that we were left with.

I am extremely excited about the sequel but, I kind of wish that they would just leave the film alone, leaving us still unsure of what actually happened in the first film. With a sequel, the magic that was created by the first film may be lost and too much may be explained. Either way, I will be seeing this because I want to see where the filmmakers are going to take the story.