Screenwriter David Kajganic takes “The Stand”

Fans of the Stephen King classic, The Stand, may be excited to learn that the upcoming film adaptation, directed by Ben Affleck, has just hired screenwriter, David Kajganich, to helm the post-apocalyptic tale.

Kajganich has experience in adapting King’s unique wording and characters; he also wrote the screenplay for the 1986 clown-horror, IT. Producers for The Stand, Roy Lee and Doug Davison, also worked with the screenwriter on “IT” as well.

The film is still in the early stages of development and no casting has been set yet. The movie is based on the 1978 bestselling book, argued to be King’s best, following a group of survivors who must choose between good or evil after most of the American population is wiped out from a virus. The story was initially made into a miniseries in 1994 and starred Gary Sinise.