Playback Starring Christian Slater

Oh, Christian Slater, why has it been so long since I’ve seen you last? Lucky for me, and Slater fans alike, his new horror film, Playback, will release on VOD on February 3, followed by a theatrical release on March 9! I can only hope that he will be as crazy in this film as he was as J.D. in “Heathers”.

The film, written and directed by Michael Nickles, follows a group of typical high school teens who are just looking for some fun. For some odd reason, the group decides that it would be fun to delve into their town’s infamous past, which involved a serial killer who videotaped his killings. Obviously, the kids go back to the house where all the murders took place and well…we all know what will most likely follow.

From the looks of the trailer, Slater’s character appears to be the killer, but, I could be wrong. There also seems to be some weird-crazy girl who is in love with him and wants to see her man in action. Ugh, why do sadists actually exist? ANYWAY…the movie looks pretty decent and I’m a little excited to see more.

Along with the mighty fine Slater, the flick also stars the lovely Alessandra Torresani (love her), Toby Hemingway, and two other people I don’t really know or care about, and most likely, neither do you.

Check out the trailer below and tell me what you think!