Nic Cage to Star in Dark Highway

Nicolas Cage…Elvis lover, vampire, awesomely bad actor, and the new lead in the horror, Dark Highway. The film, which is being directed by Bruce McDonald (Pontypoole), is in the early stages of development and those involved are narrowed in to the “Ghost Rider” star to play their protagonist.

McDonald spoke to The Chronicle Herald about the film and when they will begin filming, stating, “Now it’s all about timing, and everybody’s schedule.”

The movie is being described as a supernatural thriller about a man who is trying to get somewhere while being chased, only, he’s not sure if what’s happening is real or in his imagination.

By the sound of the storyline, I’d say that Cage is perfect to play a lunatic because he is indeed a lunatic. The role will probably require him to do a lot of screaming, which he just so happens to be brilliant at. 

I’m actually excited about this because I’ve heard great things about McDonald’s “Pontypoole”, and I’m sure that this film will be just as decent. Plus, I also slightly love Nicolas Cage because, how could you not?

This actually gives me an awesome opportunity to show you one of my FAVORITE Nicolas Cage clips of all time. Thank me later.