Michael Biehn Says Working on The Divide Got Nasty

In an interview with Bloody-Disgusting, actor Michael Biehn discussed the less than ordeal conditions he experienced while working with his cast in the upcoming horror, The Divide. The actor explains that everyone on the set, “F*cking hated each other.”

The post-apocalyptic horror, coming out on January 13, also stars Rosanna Arquette, Milo Ventimiglia, and Lauren German. The “Aliens” star explained to BD that writer, Karl Mueller, gave the cast the opportunity to re-write certain parts of the script and improvise a lot, causing several of the actors to get jealous.

The star stated, “Because when you get actors like me and Rosanne [Arquette] and some people used to working that way, you know…if somebody says you can do anything you want, we’re just improving our asses off, trying to get screen time…other people are like ‘Hey, wait a sec, that was my scene…”

Biehn went on to compare his work on the film to his experiences working with Cameron Crowe and Michael Bay, and explained how a lot of people would assume the two directors were difficult to work with, however, Biehn explained that working with them was nothing compared to working on The Divide, “There was more tension on this set than anything I’ve ever been on before.”

Geez. Apparently, the actors got really nasty on the set, according to the star, and that’s a shame because I’d like to think I could actually be besties with Ventimiglia and German if I had the chance. This information is a bit off-putting and has me second guessing the actors. BUT, I guess if you are fighting for your job, things are bound to get a bit nasty and competitive. Oh well. I’m still excited to see the film, if not more than I was initially.


  1. Amanda

    I love Biehn for being so honest and after watching his interview, I think I've developed a new crush. I heard that the film isn't so great, but, I'm still excited to see it.

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