Married With Zombies Book Review

So, you’re in a failing relationship and you’re seriously trying everything you can to make things work, but nothing seems to want to give. You find yourself wanting to strangle the person you have to share the rest of your life with and you think to yourself–how could this be any worse?Throw in a zombie apocalypse and it might get a lot worse. However, in the horror-comedy novel, Married With Zombies, the rising of the dead may actually help save your marriage because as author, Jesse Petersen, says, “The couple who slays together, stays together.”

The 2010 Orbit Books release follows a struggling married couple, Sarah and David, who are seeking counseling in an effort to salvage their marriage. The young couple fight and bicker constantly and nothing seems to be working, until a fateful trip to their marriage counselor changes their lives forever.

Along the way to their weekly appointment, Sarah notices that it is oddly quiet outside–there’s no traffic on the usually packed Seattle highway, and there are no pedestrians around either. But, the young woman brushes it off and continues on to her destination. Once the couple arrive, they’re in for a big surprise.

When Sarah and David first pull into the parking lot of their intended location, they immediately notice that something is off: the security guard who always greets them on their way in is missing from his usual post. Then, as the pair make their way inside, they notice that their doctor’s assistant is missing as well. Not thinking much of it, the couple barge into the therapist’s office and find her eating one of the couples that she had counseled.

What follows this scene is some good ol’ fashioned zombie entertainment. The protagonists are thrust into a growing zombie apocalypse and they must make their way out of Seattle to survive. The reader gets to see Sarah and David as they work together, mend their marriage, and fight off the undead, all while encountering other survivors, some of whom happen to be crazy and in a cult.

The book reads like a movie, which is one of the reasons that I enjoyed it so much. It wasn’t a difficult story to get into because the action starts immediately and Petersen has a knack at using her character’s dialogue to characterize the pair very well. The author also writes in a witty and comedic tone, which helps to create an enjoyable atmosphere for a horror story.

I found the characters to be very likeable, especially Sarah, because the way that she thought and the things that she said were things that I would easily say myself. The characters aren’t stuck up and pompous; they are very average and normal, every day people that anyone can relate to.

Petersen took a genre that has seriously been played out as of late and put her own, interesting spin on it. On the outside, Married With Zombies seems like a typical zombie story. However, when you actually read it and interpret it, it’s really a story about love and the struggles that many relationships have to face and overcome in order to survive. In actuality, couples must face their own “zombie apocalypse” in daily life, as they work on maintaining their relationships.

Married With Zombies is actually a part of a trilogy known as, Living With the Dead. The two other Sarah and David books, Flip This Zombie and Eat Slay Love, follow the couple as they continue to build on their relationship while making a career out of exterminating zombies in their new world.

Petersen also published, In The Dead: Volume 1, which follows other survivors in Sarah and David’s world, in nine different stories containing their own perspective of survival. The zombie enthusiast also published a short story entitled, Shambling With the Stars.

I highly recommend Married With Zombies if you are looking for a quick and entertaining zombie read. Not to mention, the cover is hot pink and super cute, and the author is a woman, which makes it even more promising and awesome! Girl Power!


  1. Jenny Krueger

    This is awesome! I am always looking for a new book to read and it has to be horror related. Thank you for posting this great book review Amanda, I'll definitely look this up. πŸ™‚

  2. Amanda

    That's exactly how I am! I initially picked up this book because of it's super cute cover haha but I really did enjoy it. It's very lighthearted and fun. I hope you like it!

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