Mandy’s Morgue of Horror Best of Awards!

As a new blogger, I decided that it would be fun to have an end of the year roundup in horror and have my readers vote for their favorites. I only had four categories, because I wanted to see the type of response I would get, and hopefully by next year the polls can become something more. A few of the categories were tied while the biggest category, best movie, was very close. And the winners are…

Best Horror of 2011: Scream 4
 The run for best horror movie of 2011 was very close; Scream 4 took the cake with about 35% of the vote. Insidious came in second with 28% of the vote while Final Destination 5 and Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil tied for 3rd place.
I’m not exactly sure how to feel about the winner or the runner up because in my opinion both films were kind of just…meh.
Scream 4 was fun to see because it was released ten years after the first film, which was monumental to the horror genre. The original Scream completely changed how audience’s looked at slasher flicks because it was funny and intelligent and completely different than what we had seen before. The film’s characters were fans of the genre themselves and they were self-aware of all the rules of horror, which made for an interesting satire.
Ten years later, Scream 4 seemed as though it was the same film, just with an updated cast. Don’t get me wrong, the film was a fun watch and it was clever, but I wouldn’t say that it was the best horror of 2011. What Scream 4 added to the mix was the power of media and fame in today’s society and what people will do to obtain it. It’s definitely a must see but it didn’t completely blow me away. One of the things I enjoyed most about the movie was Hayden Panettiere; she’s so friggin pretty!
As for Insidious…I was expecting a TERRIFYING film that was going to completely blow me away and make me afraid to sleep at night. Surprisingly, I forgot about the elements of the film directly after viewing it. Although the movie did have a creative idea, it was just a little boring. There were some parts of the movie that made me laugh as well, and I don’t think that I was really supposed to! I did find the film to be creepy at times and the director was able to create a eery atmosphere, but it wasn’t enough for me. The main bad guy was too unoriginal in my eyes; he looked like Darth Maul, and I couldn’t get past that.
I’ll admit, the scariest thing about Insidious was the old woman; bitch FREAKED me the hell out. There’s just something about skeletal-like old bitches that make my skin crawl. Maybe it’s the fear of knowing that one day I will too be a skeletal old bitch myself but, I don’t know. Old people are just creepy, especially if they’re watching you from outside your window!
I personally enjoyed Tucker and Dale Vs Evil way more than the previous films because it was super fun and entertaining from start to finish. The film was a breath of fresh air and a great horror-comedy that contained a balanced amount of gore and humor. If I had to choose, I would have picked this film as the champ, or more recently, The Innkeepers by Ti West.
Best Horror Show of 2011: Tie–The Walking Dead and American Horror Story
I was surprised to see a tie in this category because it initially seemed as though there was going to be a clear winner. One thing is for sure: people can’t get enough of zombies and sex.
The Walking Dead is my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE show; I’m completely obsessed with zombies and this program has me hypnotized from start to finish every week. The thing that is so great about this show is the cast, particularly Norman Reedus, who plays Darryl, a character created just for the show. 
One would think, how interesting can a show about zombies really be? This show succeeds in providing dimensional stories and characters who are going through more than just a zombie apocalypse. It is extremely interesting to see how the apocalypse changes the characters, what it makes them do, how it makes them react to other people and it constantly has me asking myself what I would do or how I would change if I was in a similar situation. When people come down to dire circumstances, they’ll pretty much do anything and The Walking Dead brilliantly showcases that.
As for American Horror Story…well, it’s fucking crazy. Have you ever tried to explain the premise of this show and found yourself stopping a lot because you realized that what you’re saying isn’t making sense? Yeah, well, that happens to me a lot whenever I try to explain to people what goes on in the show, desperately trying to convince them to watch it. It’s the type of show that is really hard to explain because it is so complex and it has so many different and amazing elements to it. 
One of the best, and my favorite, things about this show are the characters, particularly Jessica Lange’s Constance. Oh my God, her performance is both moving and terrifying and Lange is completely AMAZING. All of the characters are very well developed and the audience gets to know exactly what they’re going through and we almost get to feel the pain that they are feeling.
At the end of the season, show creator, Ryan Murphy explained that the Harmon’s story is over and that next season we will see an all new cast of characters. I was a little hesitant and upset at first but then when I actually thought about it, I thought that Murphy had a really good idea. Their story was pretty much summed up in the first season and if it continued, the show would only become dragged out and cliche. I’m super excited to see what season 2 is going to bring to the table because the show is so intelligent, creepy, and entertaining.
Best Villain: Tie–The Walkers (The Walking Dead) and The Rubberman (American Horror Story)
There is just something about a zombie that is completely bad ass. I prefer slow zombies, which is what are used in The Walking Dead, because they are classic and completely creepy. 

There’s no need for some giant monster or someone with a chainsaw to scare you when you can have something completely simple such as a zombie. Zombies are basically us; they were once human and they are a reflection of what we have become in society. Now, we can get things without having to even try, we’ve almost become slaves to technology; hell, have you see the ForeverLazy’s that have come out?! It is terrifying to pit a zombie and a human together because in the long run, there isn’t much that separates the two. 

The Rubberman is completely terrifying to me for the fact that you cannot see his face. There’s just something completely unsettling about the latex rubber suit because I automatically coincide it with weird sex or rape. And in American Horror Story the rubberman raped Vivian (Connie Britton) while she was completely unaware of who he was. That creeped me out!

I think that if someone showed up on my doorstep wearing a latex suit, I would lose my mind. It’s probably more terrifying to me than any other monster or serial killer that can be thrown my way.

Best Kill:

The best kill category was a 4-way tie between: The Newborn baby (Human Centipede II), Hayden (American Horror Story), Well Walker (The Walking Dead), and Death by Lasik (Final Destination 5).
The newborn baby scene in HCPII was completely unnecessary and disgusting. There was absolutely no need for this scene to be in the film and I’m sorry but if you traumatically gave birth to your child in a car, while simultaneously escaping a madman, you would NOT just step on it and kill it. I don’t care what kind of danger your in; that mother would not have stepped on her baby when she could have simply moved it instead. It was just a stupid scene and I hate Tom Six for even putting it in the movie. 
Hayden’s death scene was just fun because she was a complete psychotic, annoying, whiny little bitch. The only problem was that her death wasn’t the end of her and we were forced to watch and listen to her irritating voice for the rest of the season. Imagine being haunted by that broad? I’d kill myself. But not in the house, of course.
The Well Walker was an awesome scene to watch because it was just over-the-top and gross. I think that this zombie kill was one of the best in the season and it was the most graphic. I don’t understand why the group even bothered to get the walker out of the well in the first place because either way that water was nasty as hell. But, it did make for a fun scene!
Death by Lasik is obviously terrifying because I’m sure a lot of people are nervous enough to begin with when they have to get that procedure done. Final Destination 5 only amplified that fear, as they did to my fear of airplanes, trains, and pretty much everything else in the world.