Liv Tyler to Star in New Ti West Movie

Hmmm…what could be worse than getting your period while your stuck in space? Um, not getting it because you’ve somehow gotten yourself prego. That’s the scenario to the newest Ti West movie, The Side Effect, which has just landed it’s leading lady: Liv Tyler. Tyler will play protagonist Catherine Rigby, a test subject who finds herself pregnant while alone in space. That’s a bummer.

The psychological thriller will most likely follow West’s slow-burn style and it’s outer space setting is perfect for the elements of paranoia and hysteria that the director is brilliant at creating. Deadline reports that the film is being produced by Double Hope Films’ Ted Hope and Peter Phok, who previously worked with West on The House of the Devil (My FAVORITE) and the newly released, The Innkeepers (SO GOOD).

Tyler told Deadline that West is “a super-talented exciting young filmmaker. The role of Rigby is a fantastic character within a great thriller and I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into the part.”

The film has just been announced and there are no further details at this time. I’m already excited because I clearly have a gigantic crush on the director and I know that this film won’t disappoint. Plus, any movie set in space already has an automatic creep-factor built into it, and I can only imagine how much more terrifying the story will be including a pregnancy. Imagine afterbirth in space? GAH!


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