Jessica Lange to Return to American Horror Story

What would American Horror Story be like without Constance (Jessica Lange)? The answer: It just wouldn’t be the same. That’s why AHS fans alike can rejoice because Lange hinted that she will return to the hit FX series next season! The downside is, she won’t be playing the infamous ladykiller next door.

Following her much deserved Golden Globes win, Lange discussed the possibility of returning to the horror-drama but insists that nothing is set in stone yet. Oh, c’mon. Ryan Murphy isn’t stupid enough to let you get away Ms. Lange!

When asked who else would be returning for the second season, which will star an entirely new cast and have an entirely new storyline, Lange explained that it’s completely up to the producers and who they want back. She did mention that the stars who are coming back will play different roles. I really hope that Kate Mara isn’t one of them #annoyingashell (yeah, I just put a hashtag in my story).

Shortly after the end of the debut season, creater Ryan Murphy stated that Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton most likely wouldn’t return for a second season. Tear.

I still can’t wait to see where Murphy takes the show and I’m super excited to see how it carries on as an anthology series.


  1. Chris

    Constance was my favorite, but i liked Kate Mara's as the crazy bitch Hayden, she fits the part, but unless she has a total role reversal i dont think she'll be back

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