Goosebumps Movie in the Works!

If you grew up in the 90’s, you most definitely read and/or watched R.L. Stine’s teen-horror series, Goosebumps. As a kid, some of his stories truly frightened me and the series was equally creepy. Now, kids of the 90’s can relive the fear that Stine brought to their childhoods because a big screen “Goosebumps” movie is currently in the works!

The Hollywood Reporter states that screenwriter, Darren Lemke, has been hired for the Columbia Pictures project, which is set to re-imagine over 50 of Stine’s terrifying tales. Lemke will work alongside Sony’s Original Films’ Neal Moritz and Scholastic Entertainment’s Deborah Forte who will produce.

The movie rights were first purchased in May 2008 but Columbia Pictures hasn’t liked any of the initial writers who have taken a crack at writing the script. The film company is hoping that Lemke, who previously worked on “Shrek Forever”, is the perfect fit to helm the new film.

It is unknown whether the film will be a whole new story or if it will follow some of Stine’s most popular stories within the “Goosebumps” series. No release date has been given.

I can’t wait!