ATM Gets VOD Release

If you’re like me, you are paranoid about EVERYTHING–including going to the ATM machine. You never know when some crazy dude will show up and wait to rob and/or kill you on your way out. Well, director David Brooks apparently thinks the same way that I do because his new movie, ATM, takes that scenario and makes it a reality.

According to IFC midnight, the film, which follows three young co-workers who are unexpectedly stalked by an unknown man at an ATM machine, will get a VOD release on March 2, before its theatrical release, April 6, 2012.

Check out the trailer for the film below:


  1. Girl on Gore

    Haha. You know, ever since I started carrying a machete on me at all times, late night ATM stops are not as scary as they used to be! What a fun idea for a movie!

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