The Top Religious Horror Movies

There is something terrifying about an individual having absolutely no control as a powerful force takes over their body and mind. In 1973, audiences were shocked by The Exorcist, and since then, there have been many movies that have tried to top the film. I’ve compiled a list of religious horror movies, good and bad, which may or may not have scared you.

The Exorcist:
In my opinion, this movie is one of the best religious horror movies to date, and one of the scariest horror movies of all time. The story centers around a young girl named Regan who is possessed by the devil. In an attempt to save her daughter’s life, the girl’s mother enlists the help of two priests to perform an exorcism. Obviously, things don’t go as easy as expected, and the results include some awesomely disgusting scenes involving a cross.  The movie is based on actual events and some pretty peculiar stuff happened to the people involved in the movie’s production.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose:

Jennifer Carpenter is AMAZING in this move. Aside from her believable acting, the actress was able to contort her body into all kinds of creepy positions needed for all of the film’s possession scenes. The movie is based on a true story of a priest who is put on trial after a young girl dies during an exorcism. The film includes evidence and recordings of the exorcism and it prompts you to question whether or not the devil is actually real. My guess is YES, he is very real.

The Last Exorcism:

This 2010 psychological horror got a lot of hate from people and I don’t think that it necessarily deserved it. The movie, produced by Eli Roth, follows a film crew as they capture pastor Cotton Marcus’s (Patrick Fabian) final exorcism. Marcus sets out to prove that all exorcisms are fake until he meets Nell (Ashley Bell) and questions his faith entirely. Although the film did have some plot holes, the performances by Bell, Fabian and Louis Herthum make the movie worthwhile. It was an interesting take on the exorcist-type movie and I actually really enjoyed it.

The Omen:

  This 1976 classic follows a husband and wife who are about to have their first child. The baby unexpectedly dies during birth however, the father is given the news that he can take an abandoned baby instead. The husband takes the baby as his own, keeping the truth from his wife, and soon the pair finds that they have been raising the devil’s spawn. Um, maybe next time you should check with your wife before making such a big decision pal.

Tales from the Crypt’s Demon Night: 

Now, I know this movie isn’t necessarily a classic, but, it is one of my favorite campy-horror movies of all time. The film includes a hilarious Billy Zane as the Demon chasing down William Sadler’s character for a key. Sadler seeks refuge in an old hotel in the middle of nowhere where he meets Jada Pinkett (Smith), CCH Pounder, Thomas Haden Church, and Gremlins’s Dick Miller. The movie combines both humor and horror for an enjoyable film.

Didn’t see anything you like on the list? What religious horror film is your favorite?


  1. The Fright Writer

    I like the one where the lead character comes back from the dead and then all the "normal" people eat his body and drink his blood…oh no… wait…that was The Bible. πŸ™‚

  2. Real Queen of Horror

    Very cool list. The Exorcist is indeed a classic! And I love Demon Knight, yeah it was cheesy in some ways but I adored it! My favorite religious horror film is REC 2. It was incredible.

  3. Amanda

    LadyJ, I completely forgot about Frailty! I LOVE that movie! When I first saw it, I literally watched it every day–that's how much I enjoyed it. Bill Paxton was awesome in it, as always, and the two bros were great too. REC2 is a religious horror? I haven't seen it yet

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