The Christmas City on Ghost Hunters

‘Tis the season for frights, scares, and ghosts and on tonight’s finale of Ghost Hunters there will be plenty to go around. The TAPS team investigates the Christmas City itself, investigating the Sun Inn and the Moravian Book Shop in Pennsylvania. The new episode airs tonight at 9pm on Syfy.

TAPS lead investigators, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, along with their team, investigated the famed area last fall. Their findings will be shared with the world in tonight’s appropriately named episode, Christmas Spirits.

Book Shop shipping manager, Carol King, told the Bethlehem Patch of her terrifying experiences with the paranormal, insisting that boxes have fallen and lifted up, she’s heard footsteps, as well as someone calling her name. She went on to detail where exactly TAPS investigated; the crew studied the basement, the stairway, and the third floor, which all have reported cases of paranormal activity.

The shipping manager is so frightened by her experiences that she has gone as far as setting up “booby traps”, which hang from her ceiling, in order to notify her of a paranormal presence. King says often times she can tell that a ghost is standing at her door, simply watching her.

Bucky Szulborski, innkeeper at Sun Inn, told the Patch, “One ghost hunter said that there is more activity than in Eastern State Penitentiary.”

Both areas have been investigated by several other paranormal groups, resulting in over 20 Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). The town hopes that tonight’s feature on the popular Ghost Hunters will boost tourism in the city as well as provide a good amount of entertainment.

If any of you have watched Ghost Hunters, you all know exactly how the group operates. The investigators break off into teams, searching a particular area, trying to disprove certain claims while simultaneously gathering evidence.

Will TAPS find any evidence at the haunted locations? Will Hawes and Wilson deem Christmas City more haunted than Eastern State? I doubt it, but there’s only one way to find out; watch the Ghost Hunters finale tonight at 9 on Syfy.