Simon Quaterman Talks “The Devil Inside”

Ben is just a guy trying to make it as a young priest, performing exorcisms. Then, he meets the beautiful and young Isabella and his world turns upside down. Just when the guy thought that he had met someone special, the young lady introduces him to her mother, who just so happens to be possessed by four different demonic spirits. Ugh, that’s a deal breaker. Simon Quaterman, the actor who plays Ben in “The Devil Inside“, recently spoke with Bloody-Disgusting about the new horror, in theaters January 6.

Although Quaterman couldn’t delve into too much detail about his character and the story, he was able to tell BD about how his character becomes involved with the possessed woman. The woman’s daughter, Isabella, goes on a quest to Rome in order to figure out what’s really going on with her mother. While there, she visits a school for exorcists and meets Ben.

Quaterman told Bloody-Disgusting, “As you may or may not know, in the Vatican there is actually a school for exorcists where anybody can go train and learn more about it all. She meets my character and a friend of mine who are two exorcists and we bring her along to see a few things”.

The Devil Inside is just one of the many, many exorcism/found-footage films that have been released as of late, which may result in hesitation from audiences. However, Quaterman insists that this horror movie is much different from all the rest, claiming that it is a “Real pro-active film” rather than a “Re-active one”. Whatever that means. The star also states that The Devil Inside features character arcs and character development which is often lacking in documentary-style movies.

The movie, mostly shot in Romania, was very fun for the actor to film. He told BD, “It’s more rewarding for everyone involved I think. That was one of the exciting things about doing this, from the very first moment when we started shooting – from the first day actually – all of us felt that we were on to something special. It’s something I’m very proud of.” 

Quaterman explains that the upcoming horror is going to be completely different from what audiences are expecting it to be and insists that it is a very intelligent film. Hmm…I feel like they all say that. Either way, this movie does have a somewhat interesting story and it does look insanely creepy, so, I will most likely be seeing it. However, I’m not going into it with high expectations because in all honesty, it doesn’t look any different than most of the exorcism movies that have been forced down our throats lately.

Are you going to see The Devil Inside?


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