Sienna Miller is “The Girl”

Deadline reports that the Hitchcock-based docudrama, The Girl, has finally found its two leading stars: Sienna Miller (G.I. Joe) and Toby Jones (The Mist). The BBC Two production follows the tempestuous relationship between actress Tippi Hedren (Miller) and Alfred Hitchcock (Jones). Filming is set to start this week in South Africa.

The film, directed by “Becoming Jane’s” Julian Jarrold, will closely follow the obsessive relationship that the horror icon developed for the actress once he cast her in his classic, The Birds. At the time, Hedren was a model and not known by many, however; after The Birds, she became a household name, often being compared to Grace Kelly.

The Birds was released during the height of Hitchcock’s fame and Hedren was sculpted into one of the director’s “perfect blondes”. However, Hitchcock’s mind spiraled out of control when he quickly became obsessed with the beauty and desperately tried winning her love and affection. The master of suspense never did win her heart and the career of both stars never recovered.

BBC Two explains that Hedren has been involved with the production process; she has interviewed with writer Gwyneth Hughes, giving her insight and opinions on her relationship with Hitchcock during that time. The man who knows Hitchcock best, his biographer, Donald Spoto, is also acting as consultant on the film. Both contributors will help to ensure that the film will be as close to reality as possible.

Now, I’m not exactly sure what went on during this relationship, or why it apparently caused both of the stars to lose their careers, so, I’m very interested in seeing this film. My guess is that we won’t expect to see it until sometime later next year.