Rooney Mara Craps on A Nightmare on Elm Street

Back in the eighties horror movies were the stepping stone for many actors who were just breaking into the business. Stars like Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Anniston, and Matthew McConaughey all got their start in the horror genre. Now, horror has become so popular that actors like Jessica Biel, Rose Byrne, and Jared Padalecki have turned to horror films to broaden their fan base and exposure. In 2010, when actress Rooney Mara was cast as Nancy in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, you would have thought she would have been ecstatic. Apparently, she didn’t even want the role.

Bloody-Disgusting reports that in Mara’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming star completely disregards the film that gave her her start. The actress is currently starring in one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and it seems as though her new found stardom is quickly going to her head.

In the article, Mara tells EW, Sometimes you don’t want to get something but you do a really good job and you get in anyway. That’s kind of [what happened] with A Nightmare on Elm Street-I didn’t even really want it. And then I went in [to audition] and I was like, [whispering] “F—. I definitely got that.
The actress continued, “I didn’t want to act anymore.  I was like, This isn’t what I signed up for.  If this is what my opportunities are going to be like, then I’m not that interested in acting.  So I was very discouraged and disheartened.”
Um, Rooney…did you actually see your performance in A Nightmare on Elm Street? If anyone is going to be embarrassed, it should be the people who actually cast you as the role for Nancy. She completely butchered the character and was barely responsive to Freddy or any of the other characters in the film. The acting was unbearable and if Mara really didn’t want the part, she should have let a much better actress, who was much more deserving, take the role.
I don’t have anything against Mara and I actually do like her in other things but it really bothers me when people start bashing a horror movie that they were in. I think that one should be grateful for all of the opportunities that they are given and should never complain, regardless of how disappointed they were in it. 
The film was awful but Mara comes off as a little bit spoiled in reference to the film. My advice is: Shut your mouth and just be as vague as possible if you are ever asked about the film again. Otherwise, you’ll end up making a lot of people angry. And the last time that I checked, a lot of people still don’t know who you are Rooney, and I’m pretty sure that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo bombed in the box office.  

At least wait until you’ve hit Angelina Jolie-stardom to start complaining about your past movie roles. 


  1. Amanda

    Haha I wouldn't go thaaat far…I do like her but these comments really pissed me off. There were prob tons of girls who wanted to play Nancy and if Rooney didn't want the part, she shouldn't have took it or auditioned.

  2. Aaron

    I really hate it when actors do that shit. It makes me think less of them, and it gives me the impression that they're full of themselves. I've purposely avoided the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake and have no desire to ever see it (although a viewing is probably inevitable), but seriously: fuck her and everyone like her. Writing off something from early on in your career is one thing, but something from only a year ago?? And what happens if the attention she's getting from GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO turns out to be short-lived and she ends up becoming a flash in the pan? I'm sure she won't be turning down horror movies then will she?

  3. Jenny Krueger

    Oh my goodness! You took the words right out of my mouth! Even though the NOES remake sucked balls and Rooney wasn't that great but I do kinda like her. I hate that she is being a spoiled little brat when she's not that great of a actress. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO looked stupid anyway.

  4. Amanda

    I agree with a lot of what everyone is saying. I kind of wonder if her words were taken out of context but I don't know how they could be. I just think that she should own up to what she did instead of trying to come off like "oh, I'm better than this and you," because that's how I took it.
    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is REALLY good, both the Swedish and American versions. And Rooney actually did a really good job in the part. So, I don't have anything against her, I just wish that she wouldn't have said what she had said. I'd kill just to be killed in a horror movie, but…that's just me I guess haha.

  5. Anonymous

    Even though i prefer the original Nancy from 1984 i actually liked the new Nancy in the remake that was played by Rooney. And i think it was because it was so easy for me to related to the new Nancy because were alot alike and have very similar personalities. Rooney looks so much like me in the remake of "Nightmare on Elm Street" has the same body type as me and i also have long dark hair and fair skin. I thought she did great in the remake so its a little bit of a shock to know that she feels that way about being in the remake. But i still like her, i dont think theres any reason to hate her just because she has a different opinion on what others may think. It probably could be just she just got done making a big movie "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo" and shes comparing it to her being in Nightmare on Elm Street" which is a bug difference. That movie became huge while the nightmare remake didnt. I still like her but i agree, instead of regretting it she should except what has been offered to her because thousands of girls would of loved to of been the remake Nancy.

  6. Anonymous

    just like any other job. you may not like it. just like she didn't like it. prob is she's under the microscope for everything she says. so please stfu. all the same quotes were circulating from her dislike. we dont know what really went down except from what she said and the media's spin on it. God forbid if any of you ever have a job and hate it – people will call you ungrateful brats n shit. calm the fuck down.

  7. Amanda

    Uh, why don't you calm the fuck down? Relax, anonymous. I still love me some Rooney Mara, but some people don't appreciate it when others shit on something as if it were beneath them–especially when there are tons of people who would kill to have what they have. This was like 20 years ago too, so we're over it now. Thanks.

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