Ah, Vegas. It’s the city of sin; the place where one can go to forget all of their troubles, where secrets are kept and inhibitions are lowered. Except, it’s a little hard to do all of that during a zombie apocalypse. This Friday on Chiller, audiences get an early Christmas present from Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) with the presentation of his horror, Remains.
Remains, based on Niles’ 2005 comic, follows two survivors, blackjack dealer Tom (Grant Bowler), and waitress Tori (Evalena Marie), who try to make ends meet in their new world. The two must stand together in order to survive against an army of the living dead as well as other struggling survivors they meet along the way. The film is directed by Colin Theys and also stars, Miko Hughes, Lance Reddick, and more.

Tune in to Chiller this Friday, December 16, at 10pm. Unfortunately, I don’t have Chiller, so I won’t be able to watch. From what I can see in the trailer, the movie looks pretty decent and I pretty much will enjoy anything with zombies in it. I also really enjoyed 30 Days of Night because it was super brutal and realistic.

If any of my followers will be watching this, please let me know how it is!