PS3 Exclusive Zombie Game?

Sony has recently teased a new game, which will be fully revealed at the Video Game Awards show, premiering this Saturday at 8pm on Spike. The trailer, shown below, features real-life images of people and places in the midst of chaos and epidemic along with a voice-over describing the horrible events, followed by the title, The Last of Us.

G4tv reports that the video game will be presented as an exclusive video game for the Playstation 3 gaming system (Aww, man. Why not Xbox?!). Sony also developed a website for the game,, which doesn’t include much information but it has another vague trailer. The second trailer is a segment that was featured on BBC’s Planet Earth, depicting a series of fungus that infects ants by growing on the outside of their bodies and completely taking over their brains. During this process, the ant is killed and essentially turned into a “zombie”. There is speculation that this second trailer is reasoning for what will be going on in the game; the fungus will cause a zombie apocalypse.

PSM3 magazine also states that The Last of Us is simply just a tagline and the game’s true title is Until Dawn. The game is said to be a more serious take on the zombie apocalypse as opposed to the fun, campy style of Left 4 Dead and Dead Island. The new zombie game is said to have a tone more similar to the bestselling book and soon to be film, World War Z.

I’m super excited for this game even though the trailers do not show us anything! I love all things with zombies and the apocalyptic world and I’ve been missing my serious zombie games since Resident Evil, which has moved on from my beloved regular zombies and onto something completely different. I hope that a lot more is explained at the VGA show and we get to see a much cooler trailer and possibly some zombie game play.

How do you feel about this new PS3 exclusive? I’m pissed that it’s for PS3 and not Xbox, because I won’t get to play it!