Patrick Bateman Should Have an Axe To Grind

Never has anyone made killing prostitutes and listening to Phil Collins look more good than Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in 2000’s, American Psycho. But, guess what? Lionsgate thought it was a great time to try and recently announced that a remake of the film is in the works. Um, ok.

Director Noble Jones (I’m sorry, who?) has been signed on to direct the remake, which is only coming 10 years after the original film. Jones and Lionsgate will aim to adapt Bateman for the new world, showing audiences how he would function in “today’s New York” rather than the Bateman we got to see in 2000’s New York.

The original movie, based on the bestselling Bret Easton-Ellis novel of the same name, was directed Mary Harron and included a brilliant and hilarious performance from Oscar winner, Christian Bale. The film also included Reese Witherspoon, Chloe Sevigny, Josh Lucas and Mrs. Anniston–Justin Theroux.

The 2000 movie is still fresh and hasn’t even had time to cool down before Lionsgate decided it was best to ruin it with a remake. Why they thought it was necessary to show us a “new” Bateman is beyond me; the old one was just fine.


  1. Chris

    I loved American Psycho, the remake will most likely ruin it! They did make a sequel and it was with Mila Kunis( who was somehow related to Bateman) and i even think William Shatner was in it too, it was a terrible movie.

  2. Amanda

    Yeah, I think Shatner was in it as her teacher or something stupid. Wasn't she supposed to be his daughter or something?
    I don't know who they'll get to replace Christian Bale because they will not be able to do a better job. NO WAY!

  3. Chris

    its all for the money…. i cant even think of an actor who can pull off a yuppie performance like Bale did…the remake is supposedly going to show us what the world is like after the events of the first film. I dont think the character is going to be Bateman, i think it might be someone totally different

    I think Kunis was his neice, and Shatner was her teacher and i think he was sexually harnessing her or something like that

  4. Chris

    i also read that the remake is going to have a "anti wall-street" take, based on the Occupy movement…. and the character is going to be Bateman

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