New Cabin in the Woods Poster

I have been absolutely in love with Joss Whedon ever since his days on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so, you can imagine my excitement over news of his new horror flick, The Cabin the Woods, which was just given a theatrical release date of April 13, 2012.

I first heard about the movie about two years ago and it was actually supposed to be released three separate times; October 2009, February 2010, and January 2011. As you all know, the movie never did come out at any of the given dates, mostly due to production problems that MGM was having. However, since the film rights have been picked up by Lionsgate, everything seems to be running smoothly and audiences should finally get to feast their eyes on the horror.

When MGM was marketing the Whedon film, there were posters that read, “If you hear a strange sound outside…have sex,” which gave off the impression that the movie was going to be filled with all of the campy goodness that Whedon is best known for. With the release of the new poster for the film, genre fans can see that there has been a major change in the film’s marketing.

The new image contains the cabin looking similar to a rubix cube with the words underneath, “You think you know the story.”  The new poster signifies that the film will be more of an intense horror with many twists and turns rather than the comedy-horror which was previously presented.

The film stars Bradley Whitford, Stephen Jenkins and Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth as a group of people who discover something awful while staying in a cabin in the woods.

I personally really enjoyed the previously released funny posters over the new one (I still have it hanging on my wall), because it went so perfectly well with Whedon. I really don’t want the film to be super scary because Whedon isn’t really known for that. I want it to be filled with all of his Whedonisms and cleverness. So, I hope that the new posters are just a marketing tool to broaden the film to a wider audience. Either way, I’m super excited to see it!


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