More Paranormal Witness

SyFy announced today that it will renew its hit docudrama series, Paranormal Witness, for a second season. The series will return this August with 12 all new episodes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paranormal Witness, which averaged about 1.7 million viewers, was the network’s top rated unscripted, non-franchise, freshman series. The show is produced by RawTV, which is responsible for other hits like “Locked Up Abroad” and “Gold Rush Alaska”. The successful new series is also executive produced by Dimitri Doganis and Bart Layton.

 In a statement released by SyFy, the network’s President, Mark Stern, said, “Paranormal Witness is an edge-of-your-seat television experience and we’re thrilled that viewers made it a standout hit for us this fall…We look forward to working with Dimitri and Bart as we showcase another terrifying round of true-life hauntings.”

Executive producers, Doganis and Layton responded, “We’re thrilled this series is returning; we think it is unlike anything else out there. The stories are totally gripping, visually arresting and genuinely very scary… We approach these shows as individual horror movies.”

Paranormal Witness is a documentary-style series that follows a new story each week. The episode follows two separate individuals who recall their paranormal experiences in terrifying detail. The show uses re-enactments and actual photographs or other evidence gathered by the witnesses.

This show quickly became one of my favorite paranormal shows when it aired this year. Some of the stories were really good and the individuals described their personal events so well, I often found myself afraid to even watch it! Sometimes, I was even too scared to watch it at night when it originally aired because it would later result in me hearing things up in my attic-bedroom.

The series follows a similar style to the Animal Planet series, The Haunted, which follows individuals personal experiences involving ghosts and their pets. Both series are a breath of fresh air compared to the usual Ghost-Hunters type shows that are suddenly flooding our television screens.

Are you happy about this renewal?