Mask Maker: Movie Review

If you have ever fantasized about seeing the douchebag from Laguna Beach get his head chopped off with an axe, then the 2010 horror, Mask Maker, is the perfect movie for you. However, that is about as far as the movie goes, satisfaction-wise. This b-movie is an unoriginal mixture between The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, and it lacks the proper ingredients to a great horror homage.

The story follows a happy couple, Jennifer (Nikki Deloach) and Evan (Stephen Colletti), who are excited to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday weekend. Evan is the “perfect” boyfriend who decided to go big for his girlfriend’s birthday gift–he buys a creepy, beat up house on a plantation! At first, Jennifer was pissed because like any girl, she really wanted a ring, but she eventually comes around to the idea when Evan explains that they can fix the place up and sell it for a buttload of money.

The giant house comes completely furnished, including the body of a dead psycho buried on the plantation! But, it’s okay; he can’t come back to life unless someone pulls out the Native American stick that’s stabbing him and protruding from the ground. Oh, right, Evan decides it’d be a great idea to pull the weird looking stick out of the ground! And…we have a movie.

When Evan pulls out the stick, he somehow releases the dead guy from whatever supernatural force was holding him dead in the ground. However, Evan is obviously oblivious to this bit of information and he goes along his merry way. Meanwhile, said dead guy comes back to life and begins to stalk the plantation–which just so happens to be the former home he shared with his witch mother, Lydia (Lara Grice).

As the couple settle into their new home, they take a trip to the local hardware store for supplies and they run into the misunderstood Mr. Peck (Terry Riser of Weekend at Bernie’s. He’s Bernie!). Peck grumbles some type of warning to the pair who brush him off as just being crazy. There’s also an underused appearance by horror icon, Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), who plays the nice and sane worker at the hardware store.

When the couple return to their residence, Jennifer is delighted to see her group of one-dimensional best friends who’ve come to celebrate the weekend with her. Slowly but surely, Jennifer’s annoying friends begin getting offed by the lunatic killer with a missing face.

The killer is revealed to be a guy who suffered from some type of disease that apparently ate away at his face, or something. When he was younger, the locals believed he was the Devil’s child and his mother often kept him hidden to avoid ridicule. Then, her son’s condition began getting worse and worse, so, she resorted to witchcraft to save him.

Years ago, Lydia kidnapped Peck’s baby in order to sacrifice him for her son. When Peck and the other locals tried to stop her, they fail, but end up killing her and her son afterward. Now, after being released by Evan, the psycho is ready to exact revenge on the unsuspecting new residence of his home.

The cool thing about the way the villain goes about his murdering, is that after he kills his victim, he cuts off their face and wears it. Hmmm….I feel like I’ve seen this before. Oh, right, that’s because I have. Um, Leatherface did the same thing pal…so you should find a new schtick.

Anyway, the killer goes about murdering and wearing the faces of everyone at the house until we are left with one final girl: Jennifer. Jennifer decides to man up, in order to seek revenge for her friends and boyfriend. She comes up with the brilliant idea of wearing one of Lydia’s dresses, so that the killer will think that she is his beloved mother. Wait a minute…I think I’m having deja vu again. Didn’t I see this before in a little movie franchise called Friday the 13th?

Jennifer’s plan works and she kills the guy by stabbing him with the stick that once killed him before, only, this time she stabs him in the face. When the killer falls to the ground, there is a scene where we see him slowly fall down onto the stick as it slowly pushes out through his head. Hey, didn’t they do the exact same thing with Jason in The Final Friday? Yup. Oh, well, I guess the director REALLY liked Friday the 13th.

Peck instructs her to burn the body, in order to keep him dead for good, however, the police come and foil her plans. Eventually, Jennifer is able to leave and she drives off, making the audience think that she survived. Not so fast. She forgot to explain the stick situation to the cops and one of them pulls it out of the killer, bringing him back to life. While Jennifer is pulled on the side of the road crying, she is approached by a cop who just so happens to be the killer wearing a cops face! He reaches in and snaps her neck, which was actually a favorite scene of mine.

Overall, the movie was a complete ripoff of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th. There’s a right way to pay homage to a horror classic (i.e. Hatchet), and there’s a way to just end up completely copying the film and trying to pass it off as original. The acting wasn’t completely unbearable and the death’s weren’t that bad either. The film would be fun to watch if you went into it without having high expectations. However, I definitely wouldn’t pay to see this one.