Jesse Eisenberg Sues Film Company

I was browsing Redbox the other day and I happened to notice a horror movie, Camp Hell, with Jesse Eisenberg’s giant snout peering back at me. I thought to myself, “Wow, he’s doing low-budget horror movies?” It turns out, Eisenberg is barely in the movie and is still doing bigger budget suckfests–30 Minutes or Less, anyone? Due to the major false advertising, the actor is suing Lionsgate and Grindstone pictures for over $3 million dollars.

Eisenberg claims that the film companies are trying to capitalize on his recent success by fraudulently placing his face on the cover and his name above the title. The “Zombieland” actor appears in the film for less than five minutes and was paid a mere $3,000 for the role. He initially signed on to do the horror as a favor for his friends who were producing the movie.

The actor filed suit with Los Angeles Superior Court over the film, which is about demons taking over a bible camp, claiming that their actions are “fraud on the public.” His suit explains that by placing his face on the cover of the movie it may falsely persuade his fans to purchase the movie. Oh, don’t worry Jesse; you’re not that special and I’m pretty sure people didn’t see the cover and think: OMG, Jesse Eisenberg is in this movie?! I NEED to buy it. Don’t flatter yourself buddy.

If Eisenberg succeeds in winning the lawsuit, which he most likely will, he will receive way more money than was actually used to budget the movie. Due to all of this drama, I actually want to see the movie, just to see how god-awful and boring Eisenberg’s performance is. I mean really Jesse? You had to be that douche who couldn’t just let this poor movie ride on your success? Whatever.


  1. Amanda

    Haha, thanks. Well, at least now this poor little horror is getting attention. There's no such thing as bad publicity right? I will definitely let you know how it is if I do decide to waste a dollar at Redbox on it.

  2. Johnny Biacofsky

    I don't know, I think I side a bit with Jesse on this one. I hate snarky stuck up actors as much as the next guy, but this seems pretty lame on the production company's part as well. I mean, I guess if Jesse buys a Jag with the money he makes off this (if he wins), then ya that qualifies as douche-ish. If he's smart, he'd take the money and give it to a film school or something if he wins. Or give it to the hungry…ha, I guess they should be high on the list for donations as well….

  3. Amanda

    Yeah, I know that Jesse basically is in the right here but I still think he's a douche haha. I mean, I don't even understand why Lionsgate was banking on his face to lure people in because I don't get super excited when I see that Eisenburg is in a movie to begin with. BUT that's just me. I wonder if he's pissed at his friends, even though they had nothing to do with the marketing.

  4. Joel H

    I saw this movie, unfortunately. Jesse is in but two scenes for all of five minutes. I was glad he disappeared, cuz he kind of annoys me. Still, the movie was boring anyway. So kinda lose-lose for everybody involved.

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