Gremlins 3 Still Possible

There’s always that ONE gift that a family member completely fails with every Christmas. For years, I received horrible board games and ugly pajamas from my aunts and uncles when the one thing I really wanted to unwrap was my very own Gremlin, Gizmo. Unfortunately, Gremlin’s don’t exist in our world but there still is a glimmer of hope that I may get to see the cute and cuddly Gizmo on the big screen once again!

Moviehole exclusively reports that Warner Brothers has recently renewed the domain name for, giving Gremlins fans everywhere just enough hope that a third film is still in the works. The production company has owned the website domain since 2009, and although its renewal isn’t a complete confirmation that the film is being made, it is a sign that the idea is still up in the air.

Just last year, Gremlins director, Joe Dante, spoke with Moviehole and stated that if Warner Brothers does make a third film in the franchise, he does not expect to be asked to direct. Dante also believes that the original cast would not be asked to reappear and that the Gremlins would most likely be CGI, rather than the puppets which were used in the original 1984 hit.

The news, as miniscule as it may be, is exciting for fans. However, I’m not too sure I really want a third film to be made. I feel like the whole atmosphere and feel of the film would be ruined since it would be made so long after the first films, and even more so with the use of CGI. I’m not sure about this one.

What do you guys think about a possible Gremlins 3?


  1. Anonymous

    It would prob be lame like every modern attempt at a horror classic…p.s i fucking hate CGI………..Eddie

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