Evil Dead Remake Gets Serious

As many of you may already know, Sam Raimi’s 1981 cult classic, The Evil Dead is being remade. Now, new information regarding the film’s plot and characters has been revealed and it looks like director Fede Alvaraz and scriptwriter Diablo Cody (Juno, Jennifer’s Body) are aiming for a more serious and realistic movie, rather than the campy film beloved by horror fans. Uh, did they ever hear the expression, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

Moviehole reports that the movie, which does not have–I repeat, does not have–an Ash character, will revolve around a drug addiction subplot and be more dark than the original film.

A few interesting plot lines were recently released, giving us character names and back story. The film will essentially follow Mia, a twenty-something girl who has developed a drug addiction following the death of her mother. David, Mia’s estranged brother, takes her along with his fiancee and friend, to a remote cabin in the woods–THE CABIN–where he and his friends will attempt to rehabilitate her from her substance abuse.

Apparently, Eric, one of David’s jerk friends, finds The Necronomicon–aka The Book of the Dead--and he begins to transcribe it. Immediately, Mia begins acting very strangely and eventually starts to turn on her friends. Mia’s possession is described as being similar to Jack Torrance’s in The Shining while the goriness of the film is going to be as vivid and grotesque as Hellraiser and Cabin Fever.

The movie will begin filming in New Zealand in March, on the same set in which the Yogi Bear movie was filmed. Oh, greeeeat, that makes me feel SO much better.

After hearing the new plot, I am even more upset that they are remaking this campy classic. First of all, there are so many differences from the original film to the point where it could stand alone as it’s own, rather than a remake. I mean, just because they are calling it The Evil Dead and filming in a cabin, does not make it The Evil Dead.

Why so serious? Why take the film a darker route and ruin what the original movie had–which was humor and fun! This movie already sounds awful because it already lacks so many elements that the original had…especially Ash.

I’m not looking forward to this movie. Are you?

Update: Movie will hit theaters April 12, 2013


  1. Erik (Drunketh)

    I know a lot of remakes are pointless, but I mean, if they're going to change it so much then why not just make it a whole differently titled film and just rip off the style.

  2. Amanda

    I know! That's exactly how I feel and why I'm sooo mad about this. I don't know why Sam Raimi is agreeing to this crap and I can only imagine how the characters will talk with Cody writing the script.

  3. Kayleigh

    Ugh, every time I hear news like this I make a promise that I won't see the film since it's so obviously a desperate attempt to cash in on the original's popularity, but more often than not I end up at the cinema curious to see if they destroy one of my favourite films or not. I think this will be one of the ones I actually keep clear of though, just the addition of Diablo Cody into the mix is horror enough for me.

  4. Amanda

    I actually like Diablo Cody but I don't think she's a right fit for this movie, esp since it's such a classic to horror fans. I hope that the characters don't talk the way they always do in her movies because then it won't have that horror feel. Idk, I'm just completely biased and I don't think they should remake this!

  5. Kayleigh

    yeah I don't really like her at all, but she's definitely not a good fit for this film, especially if they're going for a more serious approach. Ugh, hopefully this just ends up disappearing and never going any further.

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