Eli Roth Comes to the Small Screen

According to Deadline, Netflix has just signed a 13-episode deal with Gaumont International Television for a new horror series based on the upcoming Brian McGreevy novel, Hemlock Grove. The series, which will have the same name, will be executive produced and directed by horror alum, Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever).

The series marks the first television project for the splat-pack director who hasn’t directed a film since 2007’s Hostel II. Novelist McGreevy will also work closely with producers and will help adapt his book for the screen, along with his writing partner, Lee Shipman. McGreevy and Shipman are currently working on a re-imagining of Bram Stroker’s Dracula.

Strike Entertainment’s, Eric Newman–who previously produced The Last Exorcism along with Roth–will produce Hemlock Grove with Roth, McGreevy and Shipman.

Although not much detail was given plot-wise, McGreevy’s novel is described as a gothic story revolving around the discovery of a young girl’s mangled body in a small town of Pennsylvania. Her death prompts a manhunt throughout the town, resulting in three different suspects, one of which is a person claiming to be a werewolf.

The story sounds interesting and I’m excited to see Roth actually directing again. The plot definitely seems like it will be intricate and fun to follow; it definitely is not another teen romance i.e. Twilight. I will keep you posted when more details surface.


  1. Amanda

    I know, I am actually really interested in both. I like to read books first before seeing the movie or show, just to see how they compare. And I agree about Eli Roth. I remember when Hostel had come out and was really successful, he had a few movies lined up to direct. But, as of now, they've all been removed from his IMDB so I don't know the deal. I guess he became an "actor" after starring in Inglourious Basterds (or however it's spelled).

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