Did Paranormal Activity Kill Suspiria Remake?

Lately, low-budget horror movies have been coming at audiences like hot cakes. In some cases, although often rare, a low-budget horror can become a giant hit and end up making way more at the box office than was used to budget the film. For director, David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, The Sitter), this recent success in low budget films has made it quite difficult to fund his remake of the 1977 classic, Suspiria.

IFC recently spoke to the director, who just released the Jonah Hill comedy, The Sitter, and asked him about the status of his take on the Dario Argento horror. Green explained that with films such as Paranormal Activity, film distributors realize that a lot of money does not have to go into making a successful movie, therefore, they are hesitant to give him the funds needed for his film.

Green, who has already finished the script, told IFC,  “I’ve been trying to make it for four years and trying to find the support entity to finance it. It’s a very specific movie and the horror genre is in a very specific place right now that’s very much inspired by the success of movies like ‘Paranormal Activity’ that show you can make a very economical killing at the box office, so to speak,”

Green goes on to say that the Suspiria remake is “substantially different” than the current low budget horror films currently hitting theaters, making it a lot harder for him to compare and sell it. The director had originally hoped to begin casting by the end of 2011 and start filming in early 2012, however, the obstacles he has faced in obtaining funds has pushed the movie’s production back even further.

Although the director has not been successful in his efforts, he has not lost hope. He said to IFC, “I hope I get to make it. I hope somebody takes those risks…I feel like I’m closer every day to having people embrace the script and the story I’m trying to do and the technique I want to execute it in. I hope so.”

Suspiria is a story about a young ballet dancer who realizes that her dance company is completely run by a coven of witches. The film is a classic and  sacred to many horror fans, so, I’m not sure if they would actually like to see it remade. Fans of the genre may also be hesitant to have Green direct the cult hit because of his recent comedy films, which are far from the horror genre.

What do you think of Green’s struggle to get Suspiria made? Do you even want to see the film redone?