Clocktower Movie Development!

In most survival horror games you play as a character who can use weapons to defend themselves from nasty villains but in the Clocktower series…that’s not the case. You play as a helpless young girl, without weapons, and your only means of survival from big bad guys is to run and hide. This results in awesomeness and me usually screaming. Now, I have reason to scream some more because there have been recent developments with the production of the Clocktower movie, which I was unaware they were even making! Eek!

Bloody-Disgusting reports that director David R. Ellis (Shark Night 3D) has officially signed on to film the psychological horror. Ellis told BD, “Clocktower is about a spirit force that takes over people’s bodies and makes them do really horrific things.” He also exclaimed that the film is very well written and insists that it’s going to be a lot of fun. Hopefully, it won’t be in 3D.

The horror has been in development for six years, originally having both Martin Weisz (The Hills Have Eyes II) and Jorge Olguin (Eternal Blood) attached as directors respectively. The film is written by Borderland scribe, Eric Poppen, which gives me hope that it will be an entertaining movie.

There is no word whether or not the film will follow closely to the Capcom game series, which debuted on Playstation in 1995, however, the movie’s plot follows a young woman who receives a disturbing phone call from her estranged mother, warning her not to return home. Obviously, the young woman returns home, otherwise there would be no movie, and she uncovers a terrible truth from her past. Don’t we all?

No one has been cast as of now but actress Brittany Snow (Prom Night) was once set to star. The movie does not have a set release date, due to the director’s busy schedule, but it most likely won’t be until late 2012 or 2013.

I really, really hope that this movie gets made, and it gets made right, because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Clocktower series. Almost as much as I love the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series. Scissorman is obviously a badass villain and from already-released posters, we can see that he will definitely be featured in the film! SO excited!

Are you pumped to see a Clocktower movie? You better be.