Alexandre Aja Gets “Horns”-y

Have you ever woken up after a night of hard partying with a splitting headache, only to find that you have some massive horns growing out of your head? Yeah, me either. But, for Ignatius “Ig” Perrish in the dark fantasy novel, Horns, that’s his reality. Lucky for us, writer Joe Hill has teamed up with splat-pack director, Alexandre Aja (High Tension, Piranha) to bring his novel to life.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the film, aptly titled “Horns”, is being distributed by Mandalay Pictures and if all goes well, Aja will be able to start filming the project late spring/early summer of 2012. Hill (son of Stephen King) will act as executive producer on the film while writer Scott Bunin will adapt the book for the screen. Shia Labeouf was once reportedly set to star, however, casting has yet to be confirmed.

Hill, who also published the comic, Lock & Key, published Horns in February 2010. The story follows a 26 year-old guy who wakes up with a hangover and realizes that there are horns coming of out his head. The young man quickly becomes convinced that his horns are related to the unsolved murder of his girlfriend.

I haven’t read the story but it sounds weird. Like father, like son, I guess. I’m looking forward to seeing the film because I’m slightly obsessed with Aja. I love his directing style and if he’s behind the camera, there will definitely be blood.


  1. Amanda

    I love him too! I really, really love The Hills Have Eyes remake because I think he did such an awesome job with it. Plus, Piranha was pretty good too!

  2. Aaron

    Good to hear he's stepping away from doing remakes, finally. Nothing against remakes, but he has a lot more to offer than that. I still think HIGH TENSION is one of the best horror movies of the last decade.

  3. Amanda

    I keep forgetting that he made High Tension! I love that movie as well. It was super creepy and gruesome. Plus, I love the little twist at the end

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