The Human Centipede 2

Imagine waking up naked in an empty warehouse. You’re hog-tied, cold and confused. Then, without warning, a creepy looking dude with bug eyes turns on the light and you soon realize that you’re one of 12 people. As your eyes adjust you see that you have unwillingly become a part of some sick bastard’s sadistic plan, helping to form a human centipede. If you’re wondering what type of person would do such a thing, director Tom Six shows you in his sequel, The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence.

Being a fan of 2009’s, The Human Centipede: First Sequence, I was super excited to see this follow-up. I entered the film with high expectations, which is usually when one is let down, and after a brutal 1hr and 28 minutes, that is exactly how I felt.  The film was disgustingly overdone and unlike the first film, too much of the ass-to-mouth action was actually shown, essentially ruining the atmosphere that the original film brilliantly built.

The Human Centipede: First Sequence was introduced to audiences as the film with the controversial and hard-to-swallow storyline: A crazed surgeon, obsessed with connecting humans, kidnaps three individuals and surgically connects them mouth to anus, creating a “human centipede”. Get it?

The film was not as graphic as one would expect, rather, it told the audience what was happening instead of actually showing it, relying on the power of imagination to create horror. There’s a great scene where the doctor feeds the first person in the centipede, causing a normal–and disgusting–human response, but the director doesn’t focus on the details of what is actually occurring. Instead, he focuses on the actress’s face and her response to gross the audience out.

I applauded the film for it’s originality and overall gross factor, especially in a world filled with horrible remakes. The film played on several fears and I found myself questioning what I would do if I was ever in a situation like the characters in the film. I liked the way the first film ended because in a way, it was left open. Two years later, Six brought us the next entry in his messed up head: The Human Centipede II.

This time around, the film does not focus on a crazy doctor, rather, it follows a deeply disturbed man named Martin (Laurence R. Harvey). Martin is obsessed with The Human Centipede film and that obsession leads him to want to make his own human centipede. Instead of using three people, Martin brilliantly decides that he’s going to use 12! Huh?

The entire film is shot in black and white and our protagonist never utters a single sentence, which gives the movie an eery feel. Harvey does a great job playing the character and I found myself feeling sorry for Martin in certain points throughout the film.

Martin struggles with mother issues, which was most likely Six’s failed attempt to make some point or reason for this film. However, there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this movie.

The events that follow once Martin gathers his 12 victims is, to be frank, REDONKULOUS. The violence and grotesque acts that are performed in the remainder of the movie are unnecessary and stupid. The director was clearly looking for ‘shock factor’ and simply trying to out-due his first film.

The over-the-top gore is what really turned me off because it seemed like Six was shoving it down the audience’s throat, trying anything and everything he could think of that would gross people out. He completely lost and ruined what he had with the first film, which was almost a bit simple and subtle. And trust me, there is nothing simple or subtle about this movie.

There was no psychotic doctor with a back story; there was just a random weirdo who was overly obsessed with the first movie. I tried telling myself that the sequel was making a point to show what crazy fans will do in response to movies, but I realized that I was giving Six too much credit.

Overall, this movie isn’t even worth watching, unless you really, really want to see people sharting in other people’s mouths. Yeah, that actually happened. The movie was pointless and filled with unnecessary graphic scenes meant solely to cause controversy. Skip this one. Rent the first movie instead.