Pretty Much Dead Already

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Recap
Warning: This post contains spoilers on tonight’s episode. If you haven’t seen it, first of all, what the hell is taking you so long to watch it, and secondly, don’t read this if you would like to remain unspoiled.

My love for zombies is everlasting so, naturally, I am completely obsessed with AMC’S The Walking Dead. Sadly, tonight was the series’s mid-season finale and it has left me foaming at the mouth for more. The episode followed the usual slow-burn storyline and the highlight was in its final ten minutes. The performances from both Jon Bernthal (who plays Shane) and Steven Yeun (Glenn) helped to make the episode stand out among the rest, leaving me satisfied and wanting more.

The episode, titled, Pretty Much Dead Already, begins very casually, with the characters appearing to be peaceful and content on Hershel’s farm. However, the storm soon follows the calm when Glenn blurts out that Hershel has a barn full of walkers. Immediately, tensions begin to run high as the group argue over how to handle the situation and whether or not they should just leave the farm altogether.

Shane’s character is very strong-willed and he seems to be taking over the authority that Rick has. He urges the group to leave the farm because it’s too dangerous and there isn’t much point to stay, especially since he believes that Sophia is dead. However, Rick is able to talk the survivors down, at least in the moment.

After the incident at the barn, besties Shane and Rick fight over the situation and Shane starts with wanting to leave again. He doesn’t see why Rick is fighting to stay at a place in which they are unwelcome and unsafe. Then, Rick admits that Lori is pregnant, leaving Shane stunned. Shane later confronts Lori about her pregnancy, insisting that the baby is his, however, she shoots him down and tells him that even if the child were his, he would not be a part of its life. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is pissed at Glenn for revealing the farm’s ginormous secret but the adorable guy soon wins her over by revealing his sweet reasoning for telling the group. Glenn explains to Maggie that she isn’t safe with the walkers in the barn and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Aw, these two are so cute together!

While all the Maggie and Glenn cuteness is happening, Shane is growing more and more angry and a little psychotic, more so after his talk with Lori. He goes to the RV to retrieve the guns and finds that Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) has taken them in effort to help their chances of being allowed to stay at the farm.

In his usual way, Shane marches into the woods and confronts Dale, making for a great scene. Jon Bernthal plays Shane so well because I love his character while simultaneously hating him. This particular scene was my favorite because of the way Bernthal played off of Demunn. He was so nonchalant and fearless to the point where it was kind of scary because it made me wonder what he will eventually do later on in the season.

All of these things lead up to the episode’s climactic final ten minutes, which were one of the best scenes so far this season. Shane decides that he is going to take matters into his own hands and fight for what he believes in and it seems that he is slowly convincing the others to follow him–minus Rick, Lori and Carl. He has a meltdown when he spots Rick helping Hershel bring walkers to the barn, which was a part of Rick’s effort to win Hershel over.

What follows next is pretty much a zombie massacre and the group’s plane ticket on out of there. Shane explains that what Hershel is doing with the walkers is wrong because the walkers are not sick people; they’re dead. He then proceeds to shoot one of the walkers in the head. The cold manner to which Shane performs this action and the response from Hershel and the others makes this scene chilling.

I felt sad for the walker who was shot because of what Hershel had been trying to do with her. He had made them almost seem savable and had allowed me to sympathize with the creatures who we’re supposed to automatically hate. Rather than hate the zombie, I was really pissed at Shane for doing what should have been done! I guess that was the whole point of the scene, huh? To make the humans look as bad as the monsters?

After this, Shane runs to the barn and opens the door, unleashing all of Hershel’s dead family and friends. Shane, Angela, T-Dawg and Glenn then shoot and kill all of the walkers, one by one as Hershel and Maggie cried on the sidelines. The scene was actually quite sad because I empathized with Hershel for his loss, even if he is a crazy old man who thinks that zombies can be saved! Who knows, maybe they can, and maybe they eventually will later on in the series.

What follows this is something even sadder and shocking, at least, I wasn’t expecting it. Sophia, the dumb little girl who couldn’t follow Rick’s simple directions and has been lost for most of the season, walks out of the barn. Only, she’s not alive; she’s a full blown walker.

What’s weird about this revelation is that gun-happy Shane couldn’t bring himself to kill her, even though she was a walker. Instead, the man with enough guts to do the job was indeed Rick. The episode ends with Mr. Grimes putting a bullet in little Sophia’s head.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode but then again, I enjoy every episode. A lot of people complain about the slow pacing of the show but I have no problem with it; we’re learning about the characters and watching them grow. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some zombie action, but I also do love seeing how these characters are struggling to make it in a post-apocalyptic world.

I can’t wait for the show to come back in February and I can only imagine what will happen in the rest of the season. My guess is that Shane will try to take control completely, and succeed, and somehow force Hershel to let them stay. Ugh, I’m already having zombie withdrawals.

What did you think of the mid-season finale?


  1. peacefulpeach

    First of all i didn't know it was a mid-season finale – now i'm just depressed – can't beleive i have to wait til Feb : (

    Second – Didn't feel one bit sorry for hershal! And Shane did the right thing! i'm glad sophia is now dead and we can move on to the next phase of this story FINALLY!

    I hope Lori's baby comes out looking just like her dad SHANE lol..

    I agree it was the BEST 10 Minutes of the season!

    Daryl is a great character – Andrea is just plain annoying and should be shot.

    Dale is also quite annoying and what he was gonna do with the guns despite having the best interests of the group at heart was not his call and a bad idea! Glad Shane caught up with him…

  2. Amanda

    Yeah, it sucks…the first half of the season went by too quickly. I don't knoe how to feel about Shane bcuz I know he's partly right but he seems slightly crazy&assholish.
    I'm really glad the sophia plot was wrapped up too and I can't wait for what's to come.
    Haha I don't hate Andrea enough to the point where I want her dead. I heard het character is important in the comics so I'm waiting to see what happens with her. It was supet awkward when she grabbed shane's crotch tho haha.
    Um I. LOVE Darryl and Norman Reedus…i hope he survives a good amount of the show.
    As for Lori's baby, we all know it's going to be Shane's….but apparently Rick is super nice, he prob won't flip put ot care.
    Have u read the comics?
    Thanks for visiting and commenting; I really appreciate it. Fot realsies

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