Paul Soter of ‘Broken Lizard’ Directs First Horror

Paul Soter directs “Dark Circles”

Paul Soter, member of the comedic ‘Broken Lizard’ group and star of films such as Super Troopers, Club Dread, and Beerfest, recently talked with about his new horror film venture, Dark Circles.

Dark Circles is a film that follows two new parents (played by Jonathan Schaech and Pell James) who are suffering from infant-induced insomnia. Along with the stress of parenthood, the couple begins to see things within the confines of their home and they soon worry about their insanity. They quickly become more and more delirious as they begin to uncover the horrors living behind their walls in the terrifying new thriller.

Soter explains to Bloody-Disgusting that the film does not rely on the comedy that most of us are used to seeing him in and audiences shouldn’t expect it to be anything like the Broken Lizard comedy-horror, Club Dread. He told the magazine, “I look at ‘Club Dread’ and I like it. I enjoy it, but that was where I learned how difficult achieving that tonal balance [between comedy and horror] can be…It’s a hard thing to do and I’m glad we took a stab at it but it’s a hard little tonal tightrope to walk.

The funnyman had no trouble conceiving the idea for the movie’s plot; he based it on his personal experience of becoming a new father and a new homeowner simultaneously. He explained that during that time, losing sleep and worrying about taking care of a new child, one starts to lose their sense of reality. He decided that all of the added pressures and vulnerabilities made for the perfect backdrop for a haunted house film.

When BD asked Soter which he enjoyed more, comedy or horror, he replied: I love comedy and I love doing Broken Lizard, but as far as a consumer – I watch horror movies all day long.

Soter went on to explain that he wants to stick with horror for a while, in between doing Broken Lizard comedies. He told the mag that he already has other horror scripts written and has an idea for a horror TV show as well.

Horror and Broken Lizard fans alike can expect to see Soter’s first full-length horror film when it debuts sometime in 2012.