I Heart Horror

Welcome to my Blog!

As you already know, my name is Amanda and I’m completely obsessed with all things horror. I also have a love for writing and I decided to combine my two passions together and the result is this horror blog!

I know what you’re thinking:Who cares?At least, I know that’s what I would be thinking. I’m just some nobody girl who thinks she’s important enough to the point where people want to read about her life. Cue the rolling of your eyes now.
But, give me a chance. I only need a few minutes of your time so that I can quickly explain myself, before I get to posting about the horror-related stuff that you came here for in the first place.

My love for horror and writing has led into a deeper interest of horror magazines such as Rue-Morgue and Fangoria. My life goal is to not only write horror novels, but I also want to write for the aforementioned publications where I can showcase my love through various articles and features pertaining to the horror world. The only problem is…it’s kind of hard to actually land your dream job, at least for a recent grad like myself.

I know that my dreams are possible if I keep working hard and I figured that I would start with this blog. I decided–why wait for something to happen?Why wait when I can create my own venue dedicated to horror and my writing? So, that’s exactly what this blog is; it is the answer to all of my career questions and woes.

Mandy’s Morgue of Horror is a girl’s view of the macabre. This blog will include all of the latest horror updates, reviews, features and more. This will be my attempt at my own personal “horror magazine” where I will try my best to accomplish my writing goals. Without a doubt, this blog is my newborn child and I urge you to give me a chance, read, comment, and submit! After all, you wouldn’t want yo kill a baby…would you?

xoxo Amanda


  1. samloomis1031

    I think your blog rocks so far and you have come a long way to be successful! I cant wait to see more horror movies now that I know the good ones from the expert! I do hope that you get into the horror career because that would be amazing 🙂 If you do continte to write horror books I want to be the first one to read them!!!

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