Gobble, Gobble Motherf#cker!

Instead of participating in the usual Thanksgiving traditions of watching the Macy’s Day parade while simultaneously stuffing your face with a juicy bird, why not change things up a bit and enjoy a viewing of the horror gem, Thankskilling.
Thankskilling (2009), a low-budget comedy horror, tells the tale of a homicidal turkey who delivers his vicious reign to a group of college kids on Thanksgiving. The film looks and sounds so bad that it actually is appealing to die-hard horror fans that are simply looking for a laugh.
The movie was written and directed by Jordan Downey and co-written by his pal Kevin Stewart. The pair created the holiday horror romp as homage to all of their favorite campy, B-level holiday-horror films of days past (Chopping Mall, Jack Frost, and Uncle Sam).
Before Thankskilling came to be, the buddies played around with two different ideas for their low-budget movie. The friends initially thought of doing a film about Easter, involving a giant, killer Easter bunny, but eventually decided that a movie about Thanksgiving would be best. Downey and Stewart immediately came up with the clever title, Thankskilling, and went to work on creating the evil, foul-mouthed turkey killing machine.
The movie follows the typical B-movie formula usually seen throughout the holiday themed horror films most popular in the eighties, involving the stereotypical characters such as the Jock, the Slut, the Good Girl, the Nerd, and of course, the Sheriff. The movie’s plot is simple and traditional: a bunch of college kids on thanksgiving break get stalked and killed, one by one.
Although I have not had the chance to see this movie yet, it looks like it is an enjoyable and hilarious movie that follows the criteria of one of my favorite horror subgenres: camp! Clearly, one would need to go into this movie lightly and without taking it seriously because obviously the film was not made to be taken that way.
The movie doesn’t look like it is filled with the best acting ever, but again, what campy horror film does? The title alone should let one know what to expect and it should steer away non-horror fans without an open mind. The film’s tagline is “Gobble, Gobble Motherf#cker” for crying out loud. I will definitely be watching this movie this year, especially now that I know more about it.