Facebook Funded Horror

There are a lot of people out there who are striving to make films without having the necessary means to do so. However, with the internet, one can pretty much do anything. Director Brad Mills found that to be true when he used the social networking site, Facebook, to help raise $50,000 to fund his comedy-horror, The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger, premiering this Wednesday in London.

The film, the first Facebook-funded movie, was shot over 23 days in Nova Scotia with a crew made up of mainly new graduates from Concordia’s Mel Hopenhagen School of Cinema. The director also used the social site to meet designer, Tom Hodge, who created the brilliant poster for the campy film, Hobo With a Shotgun, and asked him to make the poster for his horror-comedy.

Mills created the film in homage to classic’s such as Friday the 13th, Psycho Cop, and Sleepaway Camp. He says that Forest Ranger is a “wholesome comedy with high nostalgic value,” insisting that it is a horror film made by horror fans, for horror fans.

The movie’s plot follows a group of teens who are drinking and partying in the woods and are unexpectedly interrupted by the psychotic ranger, who has an ahem, axe to grind. See what I did there? The movie follows the stereotypical plot of most campy eighties movies, involving a list of dumb characters and (forced) bad acting.

The horror-comedy originally screened at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax. The London screening will be a part of a fundraiser for the film, suitably called, “Send the Ranger to Camp.” Mills, along with the movies producers, hope that the fundraiser will help them to garner $2,500 to obtain worldwide distribution for the film.

I for one hope that they are able to raise the funds so that I can eventually see the movie. I applaud anyone who sets out to follows their dreams, especially by using methods such a Facebook and Twitter to help them. Bring on the cheeeeese!


  1. Brad Mills

    Thanks for the post Mandy! We're showing it again in London on April 15th at Shock Stock, Canada's ONLY Horror Convention =) You should come if you can!

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